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May the Fourth be with you!

Hey everybody!  Happy Star Wars Week!!

So this Friday, as we celebrate Star Wars Day… you know, the 4th of May… “May the Fourth Be With You!”…

We are going to have a party!

This is simply an opportunity for you and your kids to come in and have some fun with us.  Star Wars playing on the TV in the traction room, Star Wars coloring pages, star wars, star wars, star wars!

So, in a world of stress and busy, and ups and downs… please take a moment on Friday, whether you come to my office dressed up, or you are out in your world, to stop and say “May the Fourth be with you” to somebody.

Be connected to others, this gives you a reason to smile, a reason to be complimentary, a reason to be a little crazy… and all of those things make life a little bit better.

I hope you can join us for a lightsaber fight, to come sit for a few minutes and watch some star wars, or just to get your “force” turned on… we’ll be here ready to help!

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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