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Max Life Call Thursday

There is a conference call open to all of our patients tomorrow, these are the details:

May 26, 2011: 10 am EST

We aren’t meant to feel like there’s no hope when it comes to fitness. The good news is that the sooner we get our minds on the right track and think like a champion, the sooner our dreams of a peak physique can become realities.

Dr. Fred Roberto innovator of Max T3 examines the physiological and metabolic advantages of fitness in total health and the prevention of disease.  He explains how to use Max T3 in your practice to improve patient outcomes and engagement, creating better lives.  Fitness principles are a tremendous benefit to your patients and you as a doctor.

Hosted by: Dr. Fred Roberto and Dr. Ben Lerner

Call in #: 866.906.2673

Code: 8400928#

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