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Loving a Futbol team in Atlanta!

I thought it might be nice to write about being a fan of a Futbol team in Atlanta.  Not a baseball team, or a football team… or like I was for a decent number of years… not a hockey team.  But now, it is all about soccer!

Tonights ATL UTD win over NYC FC (New York City Futbol Club) was somewhat expected, but yet still incredibly satisfying as a stadium with 70,000+ people cheered and chanted through 90 minutes of action!  It was a fabulous victory, 3-1, which equalled an aggregate win of 4-1 (MLS playoffs are weird to say the least).  Our home team, brought intensity and excitement to the “pitch” and we all benefited!  So now, we get to face-off against our other New York nemesis, the New York Red Bulls.  We will face them here in town on 11/25, then they get to take the next game to their hometown.

So, the reason why I chose to write a Daily Sprout about our soccer team, has multiple answers.  First, you should remember (or be told) that I was a Buffalonian from 1972 until 1996… with the most painful sports memories coming from ’90 – ’93.  Do you recall?  The Buffalo Bills lose the Superbowl, 4 consecutive years.  Oh my.

With those memories, came a better understanding of how the local team impacts the local mood.  The economy follows the local team to some extent, and the general feel that flows through the air.  It has been an exciting season, seeing Atlanta set new attendance records for the MLS, and to see our player, Josef Martinez set the single season goal scoring record.    This has been a fabulous ride to get this far, and now all that is left are three games.  BUT, this is a new team, only in our second season, so the idea of losing is not so painful as what I have lived before.


As we head into the bowl season, and the play-off drive for pro-football… play-off with soccer… there are many opportunities for stress, and for hope, and for happiness.  I would ask you to consider how to enjoy your teams efforts, their success or lack of it, their future hopes… but do not let missed opportunities pull you into a place of stress.  I have been around this long enough, and in such a way, that I can honestly say I have seen people take years off of their life from the amount of stress they consume over college and/or pro sports.

If you want to get in on the action before it’s too late, be sure to check out the Atlanta United game coming up on 11/25 against the NY Red Bulls… though, if you haven’t seen soccer live, you don’t know what you are missing.  You can see the play develop away from the ball, you can see the people who literally sing/chant/scream the entire game.  And you can fall in love with the atmosphere that has broken every MLS attendance record!

I hope to see you there!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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