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Love was Born on Christmas Day

You know every year there comes a day that I write about love.  Tonight, after midnight, as I prepare for this upcoming week, I am thinking about love.  Love.  What a powerful emotion.

I was telling my daughter Ansley, how I would die for her.  This was last week, but we were in discussion about how powerful love is, and I was explaining that if she were in danger, that I would put myself in danger to rescue her from it.  I know at five, she cannot totally grasp this, but she had an idea.  I saw it in her eyes as the moistened from our discussion.  

I sometimes wonder what Joseph thought, as he stared down into Jesus’ eyes on that first night.  Was it the same thought?  I would die for you?  I doubt he knew that it would be the other way around.  So as a a new dad, he was blinded by the moment, and had no way of seeing the reality of what would come.


I appreciate that I have a mix of patients who are Christians, and those who are not.  And for those who are not, I hope you know I mean no disrespect of you when I write these things.  But if you were to look at Christ’s life, and consider Him just a man, not Messiah.  You would walk away with the same position, “nobody in history has loved like this Guy”.  He truly embodied love in every way, and if there is one valuable thing to do at Christmas time, it is to honor that with more love.

My wife has a birthday on Christmas Day.  Kind of cool.  My eldest daughter was due on Christmas Eve, but ended up being two weeks late.  It would have been cool to have had her on Christmas Day too, but that wasn’t the plan.  So back to my wife.  Every year, I attempt to make her birthday special.  To do something that will stand out as a great day for her.  Whether it be to give her something nicer, surprise her with something, or to show her a greater example of my love for her.

As I reflect, the loving always leaves a longer impression.  Even over nice jewelry… weird.

So my end point in writing this, is to point you in the direction of loving like crazy.  Going beyond what seems like possibility, and picking a day, to really love someone to death.  I don’t care what day, for me it will be my wife for many days.  But I will do what I can to kill myself for her, die to self, so that she can be first in all things.

I bet you have someone in your life who would respond immensely to that kind of love.  I don’t think it is much to ask of yourself, especially when you see it as a reflection of what happened between Christmas day and Easter.

Be well, be blessed and Merry Christmas!  – Dr. E

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