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lOvE – Revisited



It is the thing that this life is built upon.  Christ spoke so often about love, and said of the commandments to the Pharisees, loving God is the greatest and loving your neighbor as yourself is next (paraphrase).  I believe that He was saying a little more than, “God wants you to love Him”.  I believe He was also saying, “The key to a happy life is love”!

PASSION, is part of an enlightened life.  Passion is what takes you from sleepy and tired as you wake up in the AM, to wildly excited for your day, whistling to yourself as you shave in the mirror, and looking forward to your day.  Passion is what allows you to absorb awful news one minute, and then to bounce back with a plan in the next.  It is LOVE which rules PASSION.

The primary reason I am re-posting this (this part is new mind you), is because I experienced this yesterday.  I woke up at 5am to teach a class at my gym.  I had little and poor sleep for some reason.  I was so tired when I arrived at the office at 3pm.  Spoke of love to my staff, told them the “beatings would continue until we loved the patients more”… yeah, I was trying to get a laugh because I was actually beating my staff.  Anyways, I started the afternoon with a few upbeat “hello’s” and “let’s get the power turned on”.  And before I knew it, I was floating on air, the afternoon got real busy, and I just got more elated and upbeat… this is a lesson to me, and hopefully to you.  I won’t fill in the blank, that should be up to you.

I am easily deemed handicapped according to the laws of our world, because of the injury that took my left eyesight.  I was not handicapped in the moment that it happened, nor for more than a minute ever since.  And the reason, is because I have a passion that burns beyond my left eye.  It doesn’t make me special, but it might make me unique among the average person in this world.  I love my wife!   For 24 years she has been my girlfriend and 15 of those she has been my wife!  I love my practice, I couldn’t imagine not being involved with leading people to health, it is what I was created for.  And I love my GOD!  He rocks!!

So what about you?  If you don’t have a spouse to love, then go get one!  Just kidding, if you don’t have a spouse, then you should love something else with a similar excitement.  An activity, your church, a hobby, pursuit of something… maybe even your job?!?!  I know, I know, how could you love your job enough to get excited about it?  Well, in my opinion, if you don’t, you are really missing out.  (did you see my addition to this re-post above???)

For you who are married with kids, PLEASE take at least two dates a month.  My wife and I commit to that as a minimum, and usually we get four (lately it has been less… good thing i am re-posting this).  We work hard to insure it, it is difficult, but it is so worth it.  I would prioritize that expense before cable TV, before a cell phone, before a nicer car, before a larger home, before just about anything materialistic.  It is just TOO valuable.

For those who are single, no kids, and no serious relationship.  I would ask you to please, please, please just STOP!  Pause your life for a day, and take every effort to figure out what just excites you like crazy!  What makes you want to dance naked in the rain, and scream at the top of your lungs?  Figure it out, and pursue it, somehow, some way, and with passionate intensity!

Love.  It is such an awesome emotion.  Please be sure you are experiencing it!

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