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Love… Love… Love!

Oh Valentine’s Day… such a lovely day to show some love.  So why write about it two days late?  Because I want to see how much love you can share AFTER the fact!  I for one, am going to try to surprise my wife today (as long as she doesn’t read this post first)!

So the book, The Love Dare, which was showcased in the movie Fireproof, is a great book.  40 Days of great things to do for your spouse, ways to demonstrate your love and to build upon it. So here we are, two days after Valentine’s day, probably not the biggest deal in most of our lives… just another day.  But what if… what if this day we made a greater attempt at showing love, first to our spouses, then perhaps everyone around us?  Man, that would be pretty cool… and slightly unexpected too!

There is a very significant thing that happens to our bodies when we live in love.  The physiological effect is incredible, and it reduces your risk of heart disease, and cancer; it opens you up for greater healing and deeper sleep.  In the end, it just might be the greatest thing that you could ever do for your health.  So I propose that you make that extra phone call today, grab a flower to give, prepare the house a little nicer for when your spouse comes home… who knows?  Why not build on the trend of Monday (did you catch that little plant there, I called it a trend) and continue on today!

You know it is a great thing that we get to have a “holiday” that drives us to treat our spouse a little better than most days, but what would really be great, would be to do it everyday!  Enjoy today and God Bless!

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