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Love is in the AIR!!!

Valenspines Day is almost here!  I have two big announcements for what we want to do here at our office to promote loving somebody else!

#1 – refer somebody to get their spine checked all week from the 12th – 16th, and the cost will be $49 for Exam, X-Rays and Scan!  Bam!  Can you feel the love??

#2 – we have awesome gift certificates for Massage that just exude love!  They are LOVE… and if you are giving one, you are demonstrating that you have LOVE for somebody!

Who doesn’t feel loved when you have a Valentine gift of a massage?

But those two separate items, are really only one announcement.  Which is the announcement of “Love” somebody through a gift of health.  The other, is we are bringing back a very committed, very aggressive HUG campaign on Wednesday February 14th… Valenspines Day!

We would love to see you for your/our hug that day!

Blessings to you all!

Dr. E

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