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Local food Stop

Hey and hello! I want to talk briefly about the Local food stop today, and other local organic shopping in general. I am a supporters of buying/growing organic food whenever possible, to the EWG dirty dozen/clean fifteen rules as well (this will save you money from unnecessary organic purchases).

We have encouraged use of different food drop off services in the past, and have had moderate success at best in encouraging patients to commit to the process. The most common reason for this has seemed to be the lack of control over the food items, enter local food stop.  Now here is where I need to pause and say “I get it”, you should be branching out as much as possible though, but you should also know why I say very limited root veggies, legumes really limited too, and heavy on the greens!  If this is foreign to you, hit our homepage and watch the video there about the makeovers.

Next (while I am still off on a tangent), why do I feel so committed that each of you should e supplementing Juice Plus? None of you eat enough veggies (9-13 servings daily including the fruits, but mostly veggies), so if you cannot eat enough then you need juice plus. And still most of you will fall short, so juicing and consuming the whole veggie might also be a good idea on TOP of the juice plus. But let’s get you to eat more too!

The local food stop (if you are reading this in my office, be sure to open this online to link to their site), lets you pick what you want, no waste or throwaways that you don’t know how to prepare.  So I ordered tonight, and this is what I did, I went to their web site and read the available list of foods for this week (they dropoff at our office on Thursday afternoon).  These are the items that were listed:

*Pink Grapefruit – *Red Navel Oranges – Kiwi Pears D’Anjou – *Hamlin Oranges – Apples Braeburn

*Blueberries Frozen – Miles Berry Farms, GA 30# Box (sold separately)

*Lettuce Greenleaf – *Lettuce Romaine – *Basil *Tomatoes Roma – *Watercress – Green Peppers Onions Red Jumbo – Beets – *Celery – *Kale Red *Cauliflower – *Zucchini – *Yellow Squash – *Acorn Squash *Swiss Chard Mixed – *Sweet Pototoes – Russet Potatoes

So I decided on some grapefruit, the two separate lettuces, tomatoes, cauliflower and sweet potatoes (yeah, I know, a root… this is very rare in my house).  That totals six items, which is a small bag, so I clicked on the BUY NOW link under CSA Produce on the main page, which took me to a page that again listed the items.  This bag of organic and locally grown foods was $21.50 plus tax.  $25.24 to be exact.

WHY is it better to buy this than organic in a store?  The nutrient density is noticeable greater in these foods over those in a store.  Whether it be time from harvest to prep (very short in this case), exceptional crop rotation (typical for smaller farms over the larger commercial farms), or simply better care of the land.  You can taste and see the nutrient difference in these foods.  And that is worth it, even though the prices are comparable if not better.

Currently they also have 30# of GA grown organic frozen blueberries for $65.  This is a great deal for these, and I will get them next week, once I clear out some of your grass fed beef currently stored in my freezer!  Not to mention the Beyond Organic Hotdogs and Cheese that I currently have stuffed in there (come sample that next week Tuesday).  So I wrote this Sprout because I really want to encourage all of you to follow these links, and at least order a small bag, if not a large bag with 12 items for $41.50.  This is a great way to shop, and pursue health.

Which is where I want to close.  Pursuing health.  I have been heard saying that the most important place to spend your time and your money is on your health.  I honestly think that all of you have a budget for more healthcare expenditure than you realize, because culture still has you doing things that are wasting your money.  Unnecessary insurance and medical expenses (I have a great insurance guy who can help you save thousands in health insurance costs), food expenses that are wasted, and for many of you, nutritional supplement expenses that are exorbitant and unnecessary.

In 2012, make a decision to pursue more health, and to do it more wisely.  Let your diet, exercise, chiropractic, sleep/rest and peace building efforts bring you health and savings.  Be well and Blessed!  – Dr. Eric

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