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Learn From a Patient’s Story

I recently had a patient who went through a very traumatic experience.  They have not given permission to discuss this, so I will keep names and gender secret.

They were in a hot yoga class for 90 minutes (I have done these in the past, very intense).  So in this 90 minute session, they sweat, a lot.  And drank water, a lot.  Now for most people, at most times, this is not going to be a bad idea.  But there can be a number of mild factors that come into play that could make this a bad idea.  Why?  Because sweating causes you to lose electrolytes too.

Back to the hot yoga thing.  We are talking about a room that the temperature is set to 105 degrees.  Humidity is usually around 40%, which feels like 123 degrees.  So we are talking really hot, and sweaty, and draining the body of its minerals (electrolytes).  So they felt bad.  Later that night they felt so bad they went to the hospital, where a series of slow analysis, and slow action on the hospital staff led them to a place of being very ill.

My patient went into shock after passing out and vomiting.  When the doctors finally realized the need for electrolyte replacement, their condition was significantly worse, to a point of concern. Sodium and potassium were added to an IV drip and they were back on track, but not without a few moments of serious concern.

So why share this short but important story?  Because electrolyte replenishment is so very important.  I like Suero Viv for it, I like coconut milk for it, basically I like any clean food that can replace electrolytes.  Drinking water without electrolytes, can actually worsen the situation once you get to a place of electrolyte deficiency, as the water actually flushes the electrolytes even more.  Again, this doesn’t happen in all circumstances, but it can in some, and it can worsen a condition fast.

While the weather starts to uptick to hot, please consider keeping some basic, healthy, electrolyte replenishment available nearby.  When you are sweating excessively, you really want to be ready to act. You don’t want to pass out when you are all alone in the back yard.  Trust me.

Be well, be blessed, have a great weekend! Dr. E

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