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Juice Plus week at HealthSprout

This is the week that I want to make sure we properly assess everyone’s nutritional needs, and that we insure if you are deficient, that we make some kind of step in the right direction.  So we’ll be handing out questionnaires and letting you self assess. 

The funny thing, is that this has been planned for some time, yet I never really thought about the implication of coming off of Thanksgiving.  You see, what I realized last week, is that I am dependent on my juice plus in order to get my 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables.  For those of you who know the Healing Diet you realize that I don’t eat fruit like its going out of style (anymore), so I need to eat the veges.  Well last week, while on vacation, I ate 7+ servings on ONE day.

Normally I do much better than that, but when I become less INTENTIONAL about making sure I get what my body needs, I fell right off.  Which is likely where most of you are, way shy of what you should be getting.  I take another supplement too, which many of you take also (USANA Essentials).  But I believe the most important supplement on a day when you are short on your total fruit and vege servings, is Juice Plus.  This is because it IS fruit and veges, there is conflicting information on the internet about the equivalence of one serving of Juice Plus, but from what I have read, I would say that it is closely equivalent to four servings of fruits and veges.  With no sugar!

So we will be putting some samples out this week of the children’s supplement (my kids take this daily) as it is lower in sugar that most children’s vitamins (yes there is sugar in the children’s formula, though it isn’t actual white sugar).  The other great reason to let your kids take a taste of this supplement, is that you can get your children’s or grnadchildren’s supplement for FREE!

It is a pretty cool fact that you can get Juice Plus for your children for free.  They have a program called the Children’s Health Study.  As long as their is a sponsoring adult taking the product, and you fill out a simple questionnaire every few months, you get a free supply of Juice Plus for your kids.  This is really an incredible deal, and one which was one of the primary reasons we are promoting Juice Plus in the office this week.

What is really cool about this, is that Juice Plus is one of the most published supplements I have ever seen.  In other words, they are actually studying the outcomes on quality of life, disease prevention, and disease/illness correction.  So if you are like me, and you find 7+ servings of fruit and veges isn’t always the easiest, or if you never get up to the full recommendation of 13 servings, then you should try Juice Plus.  If you don’t have a child to put in the children’s health study, trust me, it is still worth it!

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