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Jordan Rubin and Total Food Makeover.

Total Food Makeover starts tonight. It is the most valuable 40 days we can put together when it comes to your Nutrition Health.  You need to realize that our food knowledge is ever changing, so our class is too.  Yes, we will talk Leptin, and Insulin, and Sugar and all that jazz.  We will remind you of what you might already know.

We will take you out shopping with us (Trader Joes and Whole Foods, or Natural Foods Warehouse), we’ll share some food with you, and ask you to do the same.  Much of what we always do.  But we’ll also push you to turn an entirely new corner on how you look at your diet.  Sometimes we come away with a plan for a month, or for six weeks at least, but we don’t always come away with a lifetime plan.  This time it is for life.

The GMO problem has got me worried.  Well, I worry about nothing, and this is really no exception, so let me restate, this GMO problem has me thinking we might just kill ourselves off faster than we all thought possible.  Its time that you realized how many GMO’s you consume every single day, and from that knowledge be inspired to win… big.

40 days of knowledge, every Monday night at 6:45pm for 5 weeks.   And along the way we are going to bring you a few special evenings.  Jordan Rubin’s seminar, discussed below, and The Cancer Killers workshop.  Dr. Charles Majors has been a strong leader in Maximized Living for a number of years.  So when his diagnoses of brain cancer came, it was shocking to all of us.

But its what we have done with our entire lives, not just what we are doing right now, that makes the most difference.  As he fought to completely kill his cancer, we can learn from his courage and perseverance.  This workshop will be open to everyone, and Total Food Makeover participants will get a great deal on this book if you want it!

Jordan Rubin 

Live at Northstar Church this Wednesday night.  RSVP at the front desk immediately.  The start time is 6PM… and everyone of you should show up for this event!  Bring your old Makers Diet books and get it signed!  Or, purchase a beyond organic book and get that signed, and the whole time you will be getting some awesome knowledge.

We have some great things lined up for the next six weeks.  You are back from vacation, get serious.  Be well and Blessed!- Dr. E

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