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It starts with work.

That is overcoming your sorrow over the election.  I know most of you are Republicans, that you were praying for a Romney victory, and that you were hopeful for change.  I know some of you are strong Obama supporters too, and for you I am happy.  It always feels good when you feel like your hopes are coming true.

Personally (this is an aside), I think the electoral college needs to go.  In a country that was once hinged upon state government, and where state decisions had the greatest impact on your life, I think the electoral college made sense.  But as the federal government has taken a much larger piece of the pie, it really makes no sense for state by state decisions to win a presidency, but rather popular vote.  Of course, It is easy to say this when you support the loser, and at this hour where the popular vote and electoral vote don’t match (might change by the AM), ok… back on track…

Regardless, just like I wrote four years ago, following the election, there is no room for anger, depression, blues, etc. I don’t like Obama.  I don’t think he has our country’s best interests at heart, and with him in power, I don’t expect anything positive to come from the next four years from the FEDERAL LEVEL.  But you know what… come on… do you really expect anything positive to come from the federal level anyways?

I am a patriotic American.  Before that, I am one who wants to show love to everyone around me.  Before that, I am a God loving believer in a Messiah.  I am a Christian, and though I have a bunch of patients and friends who would point out to me that we’ll be judged as a nation… I would point back that I think we already are.  But judged as a nation how?

When Christ came, he didn’t judge anyone, and didn’t impose a law to limit their actions.  So as a nation do we need a president who will lead us to new laws that follow Biblical principles?  Or would judgement of a nation be more likened to the actions of the individual?  Do we love?  You know I like this topic, I have written on love almost as often as every other topic besides nutrition.  But I do because it is the place where you may reside, and in doing so, will avoid so much stress.

But why the title, “it starts with work?”  Because love starts with work.  Right now, are you loving the person driving in the car in front of you with an Obama bumper sticker?  See, if we are to be the people that we claim to be, then we need to act like the people that we are to be.  I plan on making more of an impact on my life than a president ever could over the next four years.  I plan on having a greater impact on the lives of those around me, than any president ever could have.

I wasn’t counting on Romney to save me, just to align me with more decisions that I support.  But what would I do if I lived in Nazi Germany?  I am sure I wouldn’t be deluded by the hopes of overthrowing a dictator.  I would do what I needed to do, and now that is what I will do here, simply be set in my ways and focus.  I think that if more of us did that, and if more of us, chose to live exactly how we are called to live, then the more likely we would have a life that we can both be proud of, and have complete enjoyment of.

The truth that I believe, is that our country will never be a financially powerful country in the world community again.  We have fallen too far from that, and our current leadership plays strongly to balancing power with other countries, vs retaining our own.  So with that belief, and resolution, it no longer concerns me.  I hate that so many people are out of work, and I hate that we are stuck in an escalating fuel price economy, and I hate, I hate, I hate…

But if I focus on what I hate, then how will I have room to love?

Listen, to this part please.  There are many people who support Obama, and perhaps many whom you love, like, care about, trust.  Don’t discount their feelings so fast.  It is my pride that makes me want to lash out and call names.  I need to kill my pride, as it is so often the thing that gets the best of me.  Don’t think you know the most, or the best for our country.  God wasn’t shocked by this.

Regardless of what happens.  If I am forced to vaccinate (as the verbiage in Obamacare says), I will still NOT vaccinate, and I will love the person trying to force me to.  I the words “In God We Trust” are pulled from the printed money, I will scrawl it on every piece of green paper I get, and I will love.  In the end my actions, are my choice, and so are yours.  Be well, be blessed, and be joyful.  I am about to head out to accomplish 81 miles of some of the hilliest terrain you can encounter on the Eastern side of the country.  How could I not be caught up in creation with that on the horizon?  Maybe its time you did something similar.

– Dr. E

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