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It Is Time!

I like attempting to write timeless blog posts, so when it starts with “It is time”…. well, it better always be time for whatever I am talking about!   And surely, it is.

However, this might be a little more focused on the specific time of the year that we are in right now, and the specific fact that I will be working to inspire you this coming Monday night at 7pm.  But, the need for this inspiration will be always.  It is time to get serious again about your lifestyle choices, as the summer fades from our memory, and we become more and more in stride with our schedules, we need to use this organization in our life, to make positive steps in our diets towards health, and in our exercise habits, sleep… de-stress.

I have several hurdles myself to these steps in this current season of my life.  My development business has become a source of stress, simply because of roadblocks that have come along and slowed our progress.  I find myself thinking about the next solution and the next solution, and the next solution.  But, I can say without pause, that in doing this.  In taking the stress of the situation and working tirelessly to have solution after solution after solution in place to take the next step.  I create peace.

I challenge those of you who are stressed, to actively unwind that stress.  Write down the action steps for today, or at least review them in your mind.   Review what was accomplished yesterday, and build on that for today.  These action steps will allow you to have more peace, while seeing more clearly the stress in your life.

I am also looking at a period of time where I will be in recovery mode… and as a guy who has loved exercise, and participating in sport for my entire life, I don’t like the idea of recovery.  I have a full thickness tear in one of my rotator cuff muscles in my right shoulder.  This will require surgery, and this surgery will require a significant amount of downtime if I hope to heal properly.  Ugh.

But just like there is a plan for stress, there is a plan for one arm workouts… and though that might not be sport, it will get me to sport.    I have a barbell that is specifically made to allow squatting/carrying movements while the shoulder is injured.  I can one arm row, do core work, one arm dumbbell and kettlebell work.  And the cool advantage to still working out, is the increase in growth hormone, and testosterone, that both help to facilitate healing.  So when I go under the knife on November 5th, I plan on being very active starting on November 7th.

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Which brings me to the question.  What is it in your life that is stopping you?

Desire?  Time? A lack of knowledge?

  1. do you not desire a life of health, that gives back function in the midst of chaos?

  2. do you not have enough time to make s decision?  It all starts there… and for working out, you can do it effectively in 4 minutes a day.

  3. do you not have the knowledge to understand the value perhaps?  Lets fix it on Monday night – 9/24

I want to be an inspiration to you, because it matters.  I hope you can look at your story, and realize that the time is now… the time is always now.

Watch live online on Monday night at –

Be well and Be blessed – Dr. E

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