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Is YALE saying that vaccines are linked to mental disorders???

If you read this article from Yale News – you would say “yes, yes they are”.  But lets dig in further so that we can understand this study.  The reason I say that we need to understand it, is that a friend of mine who posted this study on her facebook page, got blasted by a high school friend of ours, who is a pediatrician, and who stands by, solidly… perhaps blindly, behind the value of all vaccines.

Of course, you know, because you read my blog, that vaccines have never conducted any studies that demonstrate long term safety.  It is all simply assumed to be safe.  But, nonetheless, if she is going to attack the idea of vaccines carrying a risk, perhaps we should further evaluate that to fully understand it.

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This paragraph from the study gives a sense of origination of their claims:

The study, published last month in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, reports that patients diagnosed with neuropsychiatric disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder and anorexia nervosa were more likely to have received vaccinations three months prior to their diagnoses. Though the collaboration between researchers at Pennsylvania State University and the Yale Child Study Center yielded results that seem to dispute the safety of vaccines, the authors asserted that the study needs replication on a larger scale and does not establish a causal relationship between vaccines and neuropsychiatric disorders.

So from that paragraph, it would suggest that there is a casual causal relationship between vaccines and some of these disorders, but the relationship is not strong enough to hang our hats on.  Nothing so strong that we feel like this is a “done deal”…. but, what else did they uncover?

This is an interesting comment in the Yale write-up:

Yale professor of pathology John Rose suggested that the act of vaccine administration, rather than the vaccine itself, could even have an effect on neuropsychiatric development, recalling his childhood experience of being one of the first children to receive the polio vaccine.

“We had to line up in school, and we were getting needles stuck in our arms,” Rose said. “That kind of trauma could be leading to these kinds of neuropsychiatric disease. The age range of the children in the study is quite sensitive.”

As I read these comments, I thought to myself “indeed, PTSD at an almost benign level… interesting to see an MD give it so much creed”.  But this really hit me hard as I gave it more thought.  Isn’t it just that possible, that all of the stress that comes from the medical model, could literally be one of the major causes of disease.  Over the years I have read books, and studies, discussing the over treatment of pseudo conditions that in most cases would have simply been healed from time in an environment where treatment wasn’t the constant.  But here, where fear based care leads the way… we are always treating something.

Honestly, I think that the relationship is enough to consider what an adjuvant might do to the health of a brain, of anybody receiving a vaccine.  An adjuvant, the protein used to help guide the immune system to attack the right cells, in order to establish immunity.  Also, the very likely cause of so many of the allergies that exist in today’s world.  If you want to understand that better, do a google search for adjuvant, and adjuvant side effect.

There is risk in what we are doing, and I am going to be tackling it in several of the upcoming Daily Sprouts.

Be Well and Be Blessed!

Dr. E

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