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If I could take you all with me…

I would.  I’d love to take everyone of you on the journey of health that I go on everyday.  It is interesting living in my shoes to say the least.  I don’t purport to know more, or stay more committed than everyone when it comes to health, but I do know my efforts go beyond most.  So what.

Really, so what.  Does it matter that much?  I am sitting here writing this sprout Monday morning at home, I am going to be a little late to work today, because of this, and my daughter waking up early and hanging out with me.  This information is material, because even this is a health pursuit.  I am not stressed, I am happy and joyful, and I would pray the same for you.  Everyday, to start this way.

So where would I take you?  To a place of peace and love first and foremost.  To a place with little stress if any, and to a place where you can rest comfortably in your life.  Stress is such an enemy of your health.  The deleterious effects of stress or so significant that peer review published medical research (and lots of it) have put stress as the LEADING cause of disease in the world.

One of the negative effects of stress is the obvious destruction of your nervous system.  It directly effects the brain, directly effecting your brains ability to control your body, directly effecting organ function, and DIRECTLY effecting your healing capacity which includes cancer.  This is the same reason why spinal function is so important, it acts just like stress, but instead of on the brain, on the pathway for the brain.

I am such a HUGE fan of eating antioxidant rich foods that are low glycemic (low in total sugar) because these foods have a “buffering” effect, by helping to “stay” the damage of stress on your whole body.  I would prefer that you eat 10-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day (mostly veges as they have less sugar, and the sugar is damaging too).  The reason, is that research has shown that you diminish returns significantly when you get to this number.  But UP TO this number, you have nothing but gains.  Pretty cool knowledge.

Low stress is a MAJOR KEY, then eating lots of varying vegetables is another.  Of course, working to perfect your spine as much as possible is the crux of the health pursuit, as your brain is IT, the number one creation on the planet, the coolest of the cool, the most awesome thing under heaven.  And it becomes much less valuable if it cannot communicate to your body.  Keep your spine well!

You know I recommend juice plus.  I recommend it over other green powders, or super greens for a few reasons.  1.  I have found that every other green powder that I have seen keeps carbohydrate and or fiber in the formula.  You might think it doesn’t seem so bad.  But if you were to take a full leaf of kale at home, dehydrate that leaf and grind it, and without removing anything from it (all the fiber is in and the carb), how much space would that single leaf occupy?  Probably an entire capsule… how potent is that?  But that is what most super greens do.  2. I have RARELY seen a green powder  that says “LOW TEMPERATURE” dehydration on it.  Which is what Juice Plus does.  Why?  To preserve enzymes.  This is really important if we want to get the whole food advantage that we are going for… low temp to retain the functionality of the components in the food.

One more thing about stress.  It effects us for many reasons, and I know one of them is financial.  I have never spoken of this in a Daily Sprout before, but Juice Plus is an opportunity.  I am looking for three serious individuals to help our team, and to be helped by our team.  If you are interested in adding some security to your home finances over the next year, let me know.  I am serious about taking these three people to a level of income that is significant, and impactful on your life.

I hope that each of you will strive to find less stress, in some way shape or form.  This is the time, stress doesn’t rest, it kills silently all the time.  We love you. Be Well – Dr. E

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