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I am so hungry!

Day 2 of the Suero Cleanse, and I am actually not hungry at all right now.  Which is great, as I haven’t had a drink of Suero or water in over 90 minutes.  But that is the key to success… having access to water.  The more water you drink, the less suero you need.

A cleanse is really all about replacing water in your body.  So many people hear cleanse and think, weight loss!!  Well, according to my scale I was 194.5 lbs a few minutes ago.  About 2.5 lbs less than what it weighed me at Monday AM. But I can fluctuate 4 lbs a day, almost everyday, so I don’t give it any creed.

Cleansing isn’t about losing weight, though it is about making a space to allow for future weight loss.  Much like chiropractic, when done right, isn’t about feeling better, but rather making a space for future feeling better.  Overall health is so much more valuable than the moment, yet we are so caught up in the moment.  One thing I really like about this Suero Cleanse, is that it (like other fasts) makes you keep thinking beyond the moment.  You want to eat something, but you know the desire will pass, and you know the reward will come in the form of better health, greater self image, and eventually… food!

Even though I have had minimal weight change, I can tell I am much leaner right now than just two days ago, and this is the question that I want to bring up and answer.  If all I have done is drink, then have I lost “water weight” as they say?  What could possibly have changed in two days?  Well, yes… I have lost water weight.  The unhealthy water that has been sitting around in my tissues, known as “inflammation”.

We all have it at certain levels, and it increases and decreases based on all health measures.  So it is seemingly wise for me to eat nothing but Suero Viv once in awhile!  Cleaning out the house.  What a nice plan!  I realized (after I was into this more than 24 hours) that the last time I did a 3 Day fast (or greater) was about 5 years ago.  Man, that is WAY too long.  So I hope that once so many of you jump on this cleanse, that you will hold me responsible in the future.

So, back to the inflammation.  I held a nice workshop on it this evening, and in that , we really hit the need for good nutrition to drive anti-oxidants and in turn neutralize free radicals, thus reduce inflammation.  The cause of almost all chronic disease, inflammation.  This would be a pretty good time to go on a rant about the importance of eating good nutrition all the time, and once you have done that, to be sure you are taking juice plus as well.

REMINDER – 1 out of 2.5 people die from heart disease… PREVENTABLE.  1 out of 3 people die from cancer… PREVENTABLE.  Once you have either disease, it is harder to reverse it… easier to prevent it.  Your nutrition is right at the top along with nervous system function for what prevents it.  Nervous system function is your spine, but it is also your STRESS.  Stop it!

Inflammation in the arteries and veins is heart disease.  Inflammation along sensitive tissues for extended periods of time causes cancer (that is why the truth of the recent research suggesting all 40 year olds have malignant tumors is so easy to believe – we all have some cancer), and that cancer is either dealt with as inflammation, and mutated tissue that will be attacked by your immune system, or it jumps beyond that level to clinically relevant cancer.  Inflammation along the bronchioles is bronchitis, but if you add an element of exasperation to it (exercise, certain substances that you breathe), and now you have asthma.  Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation.

So why do I go hungry?  To reduce it, to restore function, and to reverse damage done.  Twice a year I hit a hard core detox of some kind, it has been far too long since the last fast.  Do you recall the application I have touted in the past?  You don’t need the app, as you can do all the work online right here at  You plug in the food, and you get the inflammation factor.

If you are dealing with sinus issues right now, you really should consider eating to a number of ZERO every day (the site will explain the details).  The point, avoid inflammation, and it starts with food, and it ends with food.  Yes, food will cause it first and foremost, and as you add the necessary nutrients, food will end it.  Which is why so many of you have found juice plus to be a solution, as well as a source of much of your nutrition.

I hope you will join me on the Suero Challenge, the walk has been fun for me and my household.  I will definitely do this cleanse again.  Its always interesting to go foodless, and use very moderate caloric intake to get by.  Today I was down to 560 calories in suero, and I had a pretty solid workout to boot!

Be well, and be blessed, may God illuminate the path that heals you!  – Dr. E

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