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I am getting FIRED UP!

Join Me!  Over the coming months, I am going to take some steps to accomplish a very clean lifestyle, an anti0inflammatory diet, a reduced calorie diet (normally I don’t preach this, because I am high in fat, but I want to increase my fasting from Friday to multiple days a week).

We have some cool stuff.  So this week and next we will be talking up the suero challenge like crazy, and I would like everyone to try three days, just three days of this.  And perhaps some will go longer.  But anyone can do three days.

At the end of the Fall Break we will launch our next TOTAL FOOD MAKEOVER which will include 40 days of education including two shopping excursions.  I am working with a video editor to launch the Pantry Diaries finally (whew), so that is on the way.  And I want to do some two hour workshops in your environments, work, home, church, meetings, whatever.  We want to take the DIET education to a new level this Fall, and see how well we can do getting through Halloween with healthy families, and then keep that going until Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t we look happy here? Being passionate about something (health is a good option), makes you Happy!

Our practice has been growing again since the shoulder has been better, and I want to make sure that the new faces get a chance to see what we teach, and how effective it is.  I was adjusting the Friday AM before I left on vacation, and I was confronted with a room full of people who had lost from 20-40 lbs on the Advanced Plan, and I was amazed.  There were five people over the course of three minutes who I spoke with who had these results.  And I thought… its time.

So it is time.

If you are a HYPO-GLYCEMIC patient who weighs 100#, the Total Food Makeover is for you.  If you are weight loss resistant, it is for you.  You have to do it, and stick to it, and let your life be changed!  Before that, I need you to sign up for next weeks talk.  Don’t let me put all this effort into Tuesday night, then NOT have you come!  No way, too important, sure there is a strong Juice Plus educational side to it, but isn’t it about time you understood why we stand by this product so strongly.  Why it is better than green powder, super greens, or enzyme blends.  I am not naive, well, yes I am, but I am not when it comes to supplementation.  I have asked all the questions, and see the products.  My choices come with reason, so check it out next Tuesday Optimal Health Through Nutrition (and sign up, we need your name on the sheet, email Angel if you can’t get in).

Yep, fired up.  Lets get healthy… real healthy.  Cancer and heart disease need to start losing, and only we are going to make that happen!

Be well, be blessed, Dr. E

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