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How Toxic is too Toxic?

Toxicity is a tough thing to put your finger on.  It is very difficult to know how toxic you are, whether that is a problem or not, or if there is a long term consequence.  Which is why I am writing this for one reason.  CANCER is at the end of a toxic life.  PERIOD.  There is no other option, if you are too toxic, you will get cancer.  We can deny, or argue, but with the increasing rates of cancer that we see every year in this country, it is obvious that we are RUNNING towards cancer.

Dr. Mercola’s recent article on Chicken McNuggetswas a shock to many who read it, but it was simple truth to myself and those who have been reading my Sprout’s for the last several years.  The article tells that 50% of a chicken McNugget is chicken, the rest is primarily chemical and filler.  The problem is that it is loaded with serious toxins, and rich with GMO ingredients.  The whole thing is a toxic mess.

Let me reiterate, CANCER is the by-product of a toxic lifestyle.  I know you do not want cancer, but I also know you don’t realize how close or far away from it you are.  When we performed our Toxic Body testing for the very first time, I found patients with toxins in their bodies that were coming from eating habits, cooking habits, personal care products, batteries that they were using, equipment that they were operating, lawncare products they were using and the water that they were drinking.

Have you double checked all of these products?  Do you have just one that you are using?  Perhaps you are using many of these products that are distributing toxins to your body, and you are competing for detoxifying enzymes in your liver.  Making it that much harder for your body to stay ahead.  When I present our detoxification workshop on November 29th, I will be hitting some extremely powerful information.  There will be  a lot that is highly technical, but it will all make sense.  Over the years I have done four entirely different detox workshops, and this is the one that really hits everything in the easiest way.

So what is detox?  Well, really it is a lifestyle, but it starts with a hard charge towards that lifestyle.  Pushing to make a huge initial change, then settling in after that.  It is reducing toxins, while supporting detoxifying processes in the body.  The thing is, you have MANY detoxifying processes in your body, and the key to knowing what to do, is knowing which ones are at greatest need.  How do you know?

Toxin testing.  If you want to know what you need to do, if you want it to be impressed upon you so that you really take a stand, then you need to part with $85 this week and have your hair assessed.  It is an absolute deal, and I can’t think of one person over the age of 8 who shouldn’t be tested in my practice (except for those who have been recently tested).  Seriously, this is a MUST DO kind of thing.  Then the workshop is MUST ATTEND kind of workshop.  I don’t want to keep you up at night with this information, but I REALLY want to be sure you are a little nervous about the decisions you are making with regards to food, and personal care products.

Sign up today, get your Bio Impredance Analysis  (BIA) scheduled (included) and set the workshop in your schedule for the 29th.  You know, one of the coolest things about the BIA, is that it tests your phase angle. Phase Angle is a great way to measure the health of your cells, and particularly helps identify cellular wasting disorders and disease progression (cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc).  This is a great way to know how healthy your cells are… actually, it is the only way!

So for those of you who are reading this online, and you don’t have a chiropractor who does this kind of thing, send us your zip code and we’ll try to find you one… or perhaps you can test through us, and I will post a video of my workshop for you!  For those of you sitting in my office reading this, don’t squander how fortunate you are to be able to get this done.

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