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I figured we make it a week of good news.  Heather was the last in her family to come get adjusted, but she had some fantastic results given what she is preparing for!  Enjoy her story, and have an awesome, blessed weekend! – Dr. E

Heather Arnold was the last in her family to come to HealthSprout, but had the most profound "noticeable" impact.

Dr. Eric,

I just wanted to share my story with you so that you could pass along to other patients or prospective patients who may be on the fence as to whether or not seek your chiropractic care while pregnant.

Let me start by saying, this is baby number 3 for us and I did not receive any chiropractic care or relief during my other 2 pregnancies, although in hindsight, maybe I should have! At 34 1/2 weeks of this pregnancy, my obstetrician told me that my baby was breech and we need the baby to flip head down before 37 weeks or they would need to admit me to perform an External Cephalic Version (ECV) which I’ve read has about a 50%-70% success rate and can be quite uncomfortable. My fear was that even if I got to 37 weeks and the baby was still breech, a C-Section could be forced either early because the baby could become distressed during the ECV procedure or later due to the ECV’s failure to work.

My plan was to get this baby to turn myself using the methods suggested online before hitting the 37 week mark. With 2 weeks to accomplish this, I spent the next few days trying several of the do it yourself methods: ice pack on the baby’s head position but not directly on my skin, flashlight or music at the pubic bone to encourage the baby to “move to the light”, and crawling on all fours followed by hips in the air above my shoulders, aka: “breech tilt exercise”. Running out of techniques and time, the baby had still not turned. I could almost hear the sharpening of the knives for my impending C-Section!

My next to last option to try on my list before I was forced to succumb to the ECV was the Webster Technique performed through Chiropractic. My only exposure I had allowed myself to Chiropractic Care in the past was Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic which, while “gentle”, did not address my issue nor did it, based on my own conclusion, seem to incorporate the Webster Technique. I knew I needed to call you, because you were someone I trusted, but honestly, all of the cracking and popping that take place in an adjustment made me nervous. It was either swallow my fears or face an impending potential C-Section if this baby did not turn on its own. And given that I have a history of delivering bigger babies, I knew the baby was running out of room to accomplish that.

So, in I came to HealthSprout with all my skepticism and fear. I had 2 adjustments with you (which weren’t nearly as scary as I had convinced myself) and a self-elected prenatal massage with Mariah (because all pregnant mammas deserve that, you know). Three days from my first appointment with you was my appointment with my OB to check on the baby’s position. I am happy to report that the Webster Technique worked and well before my 37 week deadline! As an added benefit, I have a little better mobility due to some pressure being relieved on my left leg and nerve pain I have been dealing with for 3 plus months.

Please feel free to share this story with other pregnant moms out there who aren’t sure whether they want Chiropractic Care during their pregnancy. Now I think that even if I had not had the breech issue, just the relief from normal aches and pains is worth taking time out of my day to make time for my adjustment.

All the best,

Heather Arnold

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