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Healthy People are MEAN – Part II

It was years ago that I wrote the first post along these lines… healthy people are mean.  It seems so obvious to me, but obviously odd to you…. what in the world are you talking about Dr. E???  Mean?  I thought the whole goal was to be healthy?  So I have to be mean too?  Fine, if that is what it takes to get healthy, so be it.


So the real story behind this, is that it is so easy, once we begin to see the truth of health pursuit, to look down on those who miss the mark.

“Oh, no my kids don’t drink juice… you give your kids juice???” “Gluten is really, really bad for you… you shouldn’t be eating that!” “You really let them eat that?  You do what?  They have what?  He gets what?”

“I would never let my kids have that!!!”

I am sure you understand what I am talking about.  Even those who have the most gentle nature can get caught in the wrong sentence, and immediately regret it.  When we make healthy decisions, there is a tendency to want to share those healthy decisions.  Likewise, when we make healthy decisions around others, it can be easy for them, out of a feeling of defensiveness, to lash out at our healthy choices.

Have you ever had somebody kid about the good diet you are on?  Call you a health nut, or otherwise try to “poo poo” your good behavior?  It is very common that people will knock you, in order to feel less threatened.  BUT, it doesn’t mean we should lash back.  Its funny.  What do you have to gain from being right?  What do you have to lose for being wrong?  There is really no value to winning an argument.

The value comes from leading people to a place of better health, which is why the decisions are important, but more important than decisions are commitments.  Why?  Because you only lead by example, and the naysayers only trust your example when it is attached to results.  So if you really want to change the world.  You have to change yourself first.

My commitments are greater than my feelings in this moment.

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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