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Harvard Medical Review Gets Natural!

I subscribe to the email updates of the Harvard Medical Review.  This has been one of the most enjoyable shifts over the last few years of my existence.    As a man who has fought an uphill battle for years on the wellness front.  I mean an absolute effort when it comes to winning favor with those who simply trust the medical model…. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to see the Harvard Medical Review continually support my life.

So without further adieu – here is your list:

They are saying that your keto diet needs to have fat… LOL.  After decades of low fat, now we support fat.  Me – 1, Medical – 0

Core… yep, the sentence that is cut off says “On the other hand, a strong, well-toned core can help with everything from improving your balance to relieving pain to helping you maintain your independence. That’s why Harvard health experts created Core Exercises.”

No duh.  I have been preaching it for literally 23 years.  Me – 2, Medical – 0

Inflammation – who knows more than us?  I love it, they are suddenly saying inflammation is the cause of chronic disease… what, do these guys spy on us???  Me – 3, Medical – 0

Joint pain… it can be undone with the right exercise.  I have been screaming, “FIX YOUR KNEES WITH SQUATS”, and now they are saying the same thing.  Do you remember my article from about ten years ago when I touted the third world squat as the most valuable tool in saving your knees?  Me – 4, Medical – 0

How many people have dizziness these days?  How many people have it as one of the most common side effects of all meds?  I say no meds… they all carry side effects.  Harvard says the same.  Me – 5, Medical – 0

And on and on it goes.  Take a look, and you will be amazed at how much of the natural solution is being supported by the medical review.  It is time for them to pay attention to the foot in their mouth.

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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