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Going For The Gold…

Olympic good, that is how good you need to be in your knowledge of health if you want to make sure you are giving your family the best opportunity for long term health.  Yes, this part is paramount, OLYMPIC GOOD is necessary!

But read it again… olympic good at what?  Not your commitment to health decisions, not your ability to hold yourself to a workout or a perfect diet.  Not your ability to get in for every adjustment and every moment of home care (traction, headweights, specific exercises); no these are SUPER important, but more important is the knowledge behind them.

Now, doesn’t that seem opposite what you would think?  We always talk about how knowledge is useless without action, and how in a world where there are so many diet books, why are we so obese?  Because of lack of action!

So why would I put knowledge as the top need?  Because knowledge allows you a path to discernment.  We teach the culmination of years of testing, over hundreds to thousands of chiropractors (the Max Living group) to hundreds of patients who visit these offices each week.  This adds up to several hundred thousand people who have been touched by the diet efforts that we teach.   Somewhere around 100,000 people who have learned that short high intense exercise is best, and that living a detoxification lifestyle is better than the buzz word “detox”.

YET, we still see so many people who come to us telling us they are eating a healthy diet, we ask what, and they say low fat (makes me cringe to hear that).  I hope you realize that any low fat diet is going to be high carb, and that is the worst thing possible.  I see people who ask me how much cardio they need, and when I say their 12 minute burst is all the cardio they need, they think I am crazy.  But if they come to a workshop and listen to fifteen minutes on why, they think we are brilliant.

So, you see, to be Olympic Good, starts with knowledge.  Team USA is really good, across the board.  Right now China has 61 medals, USA has 60, UK 37, and the dropoff is pretty good from there.  Why do these countries lead?  Because they have an incredible base of knowledge about what works, and what doesn’t.  Have you noticed how different the swimming strokes look today than 12 years ago?  Its like they have been completely morphed by knowledge… swimming under the oncoming wave in a turn, slapping the water madly in the freestyle vs. the controlled graceful pull of the past.

I don’t expect anyone of you to be any better than the next at being committed.  This is a difficult world when it comes to diet and exercise.  Stress, and getting to the chiropractor.  But if there is one thing I know, if you let yourself be exposed to good knowledge, the effort at pulling away from cultural living becomes less effort, and more natural.  We are here to help that path.

As the workshops start to be announced again, I would push you to gain some knowledge and be at these workshops, whenever you can.  Culture will tell you chiropractic is unnecessary, that your diet cannot impact overall health, that exercise is best done 60 minutes at a time.  And sadly, this same culture is dying from heart disease and cancer at the rate of 2/3 of our population.

Gain insight, be well and blessed!  Dr. E

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