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Gluten Free Bad?

I was just watching ABC Nightline, and I am dismayed.

I have nothing against gluten, other than it happens to be one of the most inflammatory proteins in existence.  Especially for people who have ANY kind of leaky gut syndrome, and has been shown to be one of the most important proteins removed from the diets of MANY autistic individuals around the country.  I still eat gluten, not much, but I do.

So where this moment of rage is coming from, is the “Expert” that they chose to speak about the dangers of a gluten free diet, was clearly an idiot.  I am sorry, I believe he is a child of God, loved to no end.  However, he knows nothing of the nutritional world.  OK, rambling, and it is doing all of you no good, because you didn’t watch the show anyways.

But I want to clear the air.  You will NOT be deficient of anything if you go gluten free, and know how to eat.  Knowing how to eat allows and affords you the ability to go gluten free with NO problems at all.  B vitamin deficiency was a stated concern by this expert.  Though gluten foods tend to be one of the moderate solutions for B Vitamins, where poultry tends to be the best source.  So if you are a vegetarian, now what?  Beans.  If you are on the healing diet?  Well you can’t be a very good vegetarian on the healing diet, so back to poultry!

In addition, there was no supportive information for any other negative effect of the gluten free diet, just bad.

So what I really wanted to touch on here, is BLINDNESS.  Not blindness as you are thinking, not the blindness that I have in my left eye.  But the kind of blindness that happens when you are so caught up in the way things have been done, and the comforts of your current life, that all you think about is the interference that is coming from a new idea.  We all know this very well, because as a part of our healthcare family, you have been ridiculed by someone, at some point, for your actions or beliefs.

If you believe anything that I teach, and you have shared any of that with someone else… they have probably felt threatened by your rejection of culture, and they argued.  With no understanding of what they were arguing for, they argued because they want to feel comfortable in their decisions, and anything you do that opposes that makes them feel wrong.  And Heaven forbid anyone should feel wrong about their lifestyle decisions.  I mean come on, 66% dying from heart disease and cancer… why in the world should anyone deviate from the cultural way?

Thanks for reading my rant.  If anyone ever attacks your lifestyle decisions, trust me… first think about the “what if” scenario that happens if they are right.  Then make a statement.

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