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Getting Sick and Doing a Cleanse.

I first want to point out that “getting sick” is really an expression of health.  This is important as every time you “treat” yourself, you build and promote weakness.  Every time you work to “restore” yourself, you build and promote immune system strength.

I have had a sore throat creeping in for about ten days.  I would fight it, and it would go, then return.  This past weekend, it came on pretty strong.  I spent an evening outside with my wife on Friday.  We walked around downtown Roswell, ate some sushi, and then sat down on the grass at NINE to enjoy a glass of wine.  It was getting cool (but incredibly comfortable), and I had felt a little tinge in my throat that morning.

Sadly, it came on stronger Saturday morning.  Then Sunday night as I went to bed I felt it again.  Monday I woke up and there was some pressure in my head.  This was feeling a whole lot like “expressing health”.  My immune system was kicking up… a sign that things were going awry.  I decided that I would do another cleanse at that moment.  With the goal being to take away inflammation, and prepare my body for a good strong fight.

By mid morning I was telling patients that I didn’t feel good, and that I was coming down with something, thus the symptoms I was feeling were the function of my immune system.  Did you know that head pressure is typically 70% of your immune system, and 30% the infection that needs to die?  Kind of cool, to know that your symptom is your body fighting.  Thus is you do something to suppress pressure, you are limiting your immune system.  Usually by constricting your blood vessels so that your mucous membranes can no longer produce immunoglobulins (antibodies).

The sad thing, was that I had to do a Doctor’s Report (talking) on Monday mid-day, and the first Total Food Makeover on Monday night… more talking.  I knew that my throat would be killed.  So I took the effort to stick to the Suero Cleanse (you know, I had committed to one a month for five months).  Oddly enough, by Monday night, I was feeling a bit better… not worse.

And incredibly, I woke up Tuesday morning with nothing but positive feeling.  The whole day has gone well.  This is really a magnificent turn around for a day.  And why?  Why would a cleanse do this?  Because the cleanse was providing an incredible level of hydration to my cells, thus allowing faster turn over of immune cells, and removal of wastes.  Those two together keeps the environment clean and perfect for fighting.

Will a suero cleanse help you any time you have to improve your immunity?  Yes, I am fairly positive it will, the experiment was successful, and I have every reason to believe, repeatable.   This is just one more reason why you should come listen to Jordan Rubin tonight at Northstar church.  He is an incredible author, starting with the Makers Diet, and now his Beyond Organic testimonial… there is a lot to be learned simply by hearing more of his journey.

I pray you will join us!  Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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