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Get ready for clean eating on T-Day!

I have a plan, I am a man with a plan!  Eat well for Thanksgiving.  Well = healthy in this context.

Turkey is good, but what about the garbage put in the average turkey? This site “Eat Turkey” gives us this description of the solution added to turkey:

TURKEY CONTAINING SOLUTIONS Self basting whole body turkeys and raw turkey products that have been injected with broth and/or fat-based solutions to enhance flavor and moisture content. The amount and composition of these solutions are regulated by the government and must be identified on the product package. These solutions commonly include:  – Broth with seasonings.  – Vegetable oil and solids with seasonings and flavor enhancers.  – Butter with seasonings and flavor enhancers.

According to government regulation, raw bone-in turkey product or whole body turkey injected with up to 3 percent (of product weight) solution or boneless products injected with up to 8 percent solution may be labeled “Basted,” “Marinated,” “Added for Flavoring” or other similar terms.

If greater amounts of solution are added, the method of addition and amount of solution must be stipulated on the label (e.g., “Injected with up to 12 percent solution of water, salt and phosphates”). These products may not be termed “Basted” or “Marinated.”

Seasoning, flavor enhancers = spices (good), salt (good), MSG (not good), preservatives (not good), corn solids and other genetically modified food particulates that enhance solution retention (not good).  Sadly, the turkey, as a roaming bird pecking along the roadways of Woodstock and Milton (I have already seen over a dozen turkey roadside in the last four weeks… where is my bow?), anyways, as a roaming bird they are great to eat, but as a farmed animal… BAD.

So, what to do, what to do.  Well, did you remember my plan?  Whole Foods is involved!  Check out their web page on Turkey buying, preparing and everything in between.

So I am going to go get me a turkey!  One that is loaded with health, and not toxins.  Expensive?  You bet!  But how many full turkey are you buying this year?  Is it really impossible to find the extra cash to pay for a much healthier turkey ONE time a year?  But if you look at the Whole Foods web page, and utilize the bird for every budget component, I think you can get much more healthy than a traditional butterball.  Butterball… I bet there is no real butter anywhere near that thing.

You’ll notice that their turkeys are listed as never having antibiotics, no animal by-products in their feed, and no hormones.  These are “Natural” turkeys, so this is a great step.  The fact that there is no MSG should be enough to sway you from your typical bird.  But, if you really want to get clean, go for an organic bird. It will cost even more, but it is worth it if you can.  Why?  Nothing in the feed!  These Natural Turkeys will still have garbage feed with pesticide and very likely arsenic.  So by going completely organic, you get to free yourself of that.

Don’t use the once a year excuse to save money.

Just like I used it to spend more money, you cannot say, “well, its only once a year, it can’t be too bad if I just eat the garbage one”.  The reason why, is because you are probably already eating too much garbage.  Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, non-organic chicken and turkey from sandwich shops, deli’s or your fridge.

Did you ever hear the story of toxic bio-accumulation?  Consuming 1lb of beef is like consuming 20# of pesticide sprayed  feed.  Well, chicken and turkey is similar.  It takes a lot of toxin to get to a lb of turkey.  Consider what that is doing to you.  If you have anyone in your family who has ever had cancer, you better take this seriously.  It matters, and I care.

Be well, be blessed! – Dr. E

PS – I will be in Colonial Williamsburg for Thanksgiving this year.  In 1610 they had the first Thanksgiving celebrated at an established settlement.  If you haven’t been to this area and explored their rich history, you should make a trip.  I’ll try to post something about the area while I am gone!  Which reminds me, I’ll be transporting my turkey with a lot of ice, but I will buy frozen, and let the thawing begin while we are driving.

PPS – I will be running the Suero Cleanse as soon as I get back.  You should stock up now, it makes sense to cleanse post T-Day!  Click the link and buy Silver or Gold today!

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