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Garage Games ONE

This weekend, the largest CrossFit competition outside of the CrossFit Games in California, will take place in your back yard.  At the Woodlands City Park (Woodlands subdivision, in the back).  This is the third year that we (myself and the partners of The Garage), have run this event, with an incredible amount of help from volunteers, athletes who show up to compete and sponsors.

This year we have an individual competition on Saturday, and a team competition on Sunday.  The competitions are CrossFit competitions, which mean they are varied functional movements done at high intensity, over varied physical platforms.  Such as – an obstacle course race over 2.5 miles to start the day, followed by a speed duel of pulling a weighted sled, running, broad jumping, and stone carrying.  Competitors will continue on to run a 40# sandbag up to the top of a steep and long hill, just to turn around and run it back down.  They will perform a workout of high intensity push presses (weight overhead), burpees (see my workout video), and kettlebell swings.  Lastly, they will have a clean and jerk ladder, olympic lifts that they will start at a low weight, and work up to a higher weight by lifting a barbell every 30 seconds until they fail.

This is just the people on Saturday… and some come back to compete with a team on Sunday.  Yes, you might think soreness.  It will be bad.  On Sunday, they do some different things, there will be some incredible feats of fitness, and they will end the day with a team dodge ball event!

So WHY am I telling you all of this?  Because it is worth you taking the time out of your weekend to come watch.  There is a spectator fee of $10, because it is worth it to see this.  If you have boys and you are trying to get them motivated to be incredibly fit and to workout and be motivated towards athleticism, this is the event to take them to.  On Sunday, Rich Froning, will be competing.  Rich won the Fittest Man on Earth title this past July in California, and along with it the main purse of $250k.

The World’s Fittest Man – he celebrates victory with a Galations 6:14 tatoo on his torso (May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world).

One of the great things that you get to see when watching an event like this, is that fitness is truly a measure of how magnificent the body is.  Feats of strength are cool, but when the same person who wows you with their feet of strength, turns around and wows you with their 5k run time, that is pretty cool.

I would imagine that all of this talk about feats of strength, and amazing fitness might have some of you feeling a little down, because your fitness is not there, or perhaps never was.  Or it might be that you are feeling the weight of your age, and using that as a reason why you don’t want to push too hard.  But I would recommend you try to push through and change your life.

The weekend will be inspirational at the very least!  So I hope you will take me up on the offer, and come check this out!

Be Blessed, Dr. E

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