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Furthermore on Flu and other Illness

My daughter Ansley tested positive for flu on Friday.  This was after us discovering she had a small fever on Thursday night, no real fever on Friday itself, until that night… but for a moment Friday afternoon, we thought she had kicked its butt all in a day.  But, by Saturday at 10am the fever was pretty much gone.  And then nothing Sunday, and honestly, she hasn’t felt bad really.  Functional and effective in her chores around the house.

Ansley and I coming home, possibly on the plan that she caught the flu bug from, on our way home from Buffalo.

So, It gives me joy to have that response, and then I thought… “why?”  Well I know why, but others need to know why.  Because it would be easy to say, its random.  One kid dies from sepsis, and another kid lives because its random.  And that would be wrong.  It would also be the best way to drive fear.  Think about it.

If I have any hand in the development, manufacture, or dissemination of the flu vaccine (like so many of our policy makers for the CDC), then it would make sense that I would have a bias towards sales.  Don’t give me that, “all for the good of society” garbage.  Sure, we all want good things to happen to all people, at some point in our life, but even in that situation, our heart follows our money.  Bias is real.  I mean, come on.  I owned Home Depot stock for a number of years, and the only place I ever bought any home improvement item was home depot.  Man, I even wanted to buy furniture there… “come on honey, who doesn’t use wicker for their formal living room???”  It’s real, we let our hearts follow our cash.

…and I would blame a reduced level of vitamin D due to higher cloud coverage days, more than anything that the CDC would concoct…

Therefore, if I told you that your ability to fight off death from flu was simply random, then I just scared the CR$& out of you, and now I have you freaking out this year.  You’re getting useless flu shots, and you’re thinking that not enough people got the flu shot this year.  Even though we have heard that the shot was picked wrong… again… the wrong three influenza viruses were picked, thus even if you thought it was a good idea… it isn’t a good idea.  Just hurting and weakening you, not helping you.

But let me tell you why a kid can kill it off like it was a mild head cold.  Commitment.  Not hers, mine and Laura’s.  The year started to get bad quick with national flu levels, and we got serious quick.  It is what I have called, and man, you better credit this terminology to me when you repeat it…  the least common denominator theory of public health.  Which is what I would call the way public health calls out its recommendation.  Assume everybody is as weak as the next guy… weakened immunity, stressed out, eats garbage, has no immune responsiveness, and is addicted, absolutely freakin’ addicted to their horrible lifestyle.

This is what public policy is built on, and it is this mess that leaves us shooting ourselves up with toxic sludge in hopes that the right adjuvant (protein added to assist the virus in the vaccine, in finding your immune system… also the reason why your immune system starts to attack other molecules it shouldn’t), anyways, mix the right adjuvant with the right combination of chemical retardants (to keep this thing clean of course… clean like “bleach” clean, not when an organic dieter says clean)… so that you can somehow have a better immune system?  The idea is ridiculous.

So the answer is commitment to not doing this, and to Vitamin D at high levels (have you noticed how much cloud cover we have had this year, of course sickness outbreak is higher, the vitamin D is more deficient than it has been in years, and I would blame a reduced level of vitamin D due to higher cloud coverage days, more than anything that the CDC would concoct.

I Juice plus Ansey every single day.  I know I sometimes sound like I am selling stuff… but I am sharing my committed effort for my family.  Take it or leave it, but I have pulled her back down stairs out of bed many, many nights to get her juice plus in.  I know she won’t eat as many veggies as I want in most days (even though her and her sister eat a salad almost every night of their life).

Probiotics… capsules, yogurt, amasai, kombucha, kefir, cultured cheese… we are freaks.  But it isn’t a fad in my house.  Was it in yours?  Did you do great, then gave up?  See, if I tell a new patient to spend an hour a day doing spinal exercises, they will at first.  Because I am crazy passionate, and an incredible motivator (humble too).  But my motivation cannot possibly win over a lifetime, only a short time.  So, instead of giving an hour of stuff, I give five minutes, and then I can get commitment long enough to see results, which then self motivates long enough to get lifetime commitment.  If you started making kombucha, kefir… buying cultured vegetables, moving a mother around your kitchen counter from jar to jar to jar… did you start something sustainable to you?  Or was it a fad?  Pull back to something you can do forever, and do it forever.  That is why they sell capsules.  Just do what you can keep up with.

Is there more?  Yes, there is more.  You get symptoms you go vitamin C as well, maybe some echinacea right at the start, and perhaps some other stuff (oils, herbs, etc).  But the key is commitment to daily activities.

So why do we adjust an atlas (C1 in the neck)?  Because studies have shown significant and immediate rise i n white blood cells when an atlas is adjusted.  This is the reason why I believe every single person on the planet needs to see a chiropractor, no less than they would see a dentist, and in most cases, way more.  But… I’m just the guy living in comfort with kids who don’t use drugs, and a hope of seeing them start a new quality of DNA pass down.  Don’t understand that?  Search epigenetics and get excited about how God’s body can be restored in future generations.

Be well and be blessed!  Dr. E

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