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Food, diet, the good the bad and the ugly…

So I get that most of you think I eat perfectly, which I don’t.  Look at the picture below, I eat it all (except that looks like a ham, and I don’t eat pig… and my hotdogs are always nitrite/nitrate free beef dogs).  But I eat bread, just not a lot, I very rarely eat pasta… but I do eat  it… just rare.  Corn too.  Yeah, I hate the corn market, and the way that Monsanto has destroyed most corn crops, but I will eat it.

My point, is that though I can find fault with many foods, doesn’t mean we avoid them completely.  When on the Advanced Plan (healing diet), we are strict.  But when not on the Advanced Plan, I will watch my grains, and have one serving a day typically, root veges a couple times a week… and a few servings of fruit a day.  Watching sugar relatively closely (all those foods mentioned are rich sources of sugar), while making sure I am always getting a good balance of fats, veges and protein.

Ice cream.  I love ice cream, just had some tonight.  I like sticking with a clean brand (I prefer Hagen Daz b/c of the very limited ingredients, or Trader Joes brand), and I typically stick with Vanilla and flavor it on my own (honey and cinammon is awesome).  But the fact is, I like ice cream, and though I keep it under good control, it is my most common dessert, and when it is in my house I eat it every other day.

I love finding ways to really enjoy the foods that are good for the advanced plan however, and there are some great options that I want to share as far as that goes.   Because dairy is OK, though I wouldn’t say go crazy with the dairy, my favorite sweet snack is whipped cream.  There is a great device that you can buy at Breadbekkers that allows you to make instant whipped cream with a CO2 cartridge… add a little stevia for sweetness, and you have no added sugar, and a perfect dessert.  I like it on some almond butter.

Speaking of almond butter, the concoction that sustained me for my 29 hour adventure race, was made up mostly of almond.  I don’t have a recipe per se, but I added almond butter and coconut oil keeping the proportions such that it stayed very liquidy, then adding flax meal, almond meal, coconut flakes and the chocolate nutrimeal whey protein (we sell this at the office) until it was squeezable, but not runny.  Make it a little thicker and you have a great protein bar just slightly off the recipe in the Maximized Living nutrition plans book.  Great for high calorie need activities, and awesome for those of you who are Advanced Plan committed.

If you happen to be fortunate, you will likely get a taste of this, and some of my other favorites over the next week, as we wrap up the 10th anniversary month for HealthSprout!

Enjoy, be well, Dr. E

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