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Flu vaccine takes on NO flu vaccine… the dilemma rises.

Recently there was a media story about two medical doctors who lost their child to influenza in under 48 hours from when the symptoms set in.  A horrible tragedy, that I cannot imagine anybody having to go through.    That tragedy left me speechless, as I thought very personally about the way this would make me feel, I went deep into this thought because I have chosen to avoid the flu shot, every single year of mine and my family’s life.    So the question at hand, is my decision wise?

The thought process reminded me of another child who had died from a flu related situation, a number of years ago.  But that person died not from the flu itself, but rather from the flu vaccine.  I set out to pull the story through a google search, and saw a different story of a child who had died from the flu vaccine, recently posted on a friends facebook page, so I figured we would discuss that.

If you put the two separate sets of parents in a room together, I wonder if violence would break out.  Not that I am questioning their ability to communicate like rational adults, but rather… are they able to communicate without a significant amount of emotion behind their choices?  Of course not.  Are they able to see the other person’s argument?  Of course not.

So the dilemma becomes incredible.  For this reason, it MUST be the RIGHT of both parties to choose the way they want.

Before giving my arguments, let’s look quickly at the stories.

The child above died from the flu, and it happened within 48 hours of symptoms.  Christmas day of all things, last year.  It would be an obvious step to move towards annual flu shots, and likely to carry guilt wondering if Leon would still be alive if he had been given a flu shot.

On the flipside, here is Chandler Webb, at 19 years of age in 2013 –

Chandler’s story is on the other side of the coin.  His mom had gotten him a flu shot, and a few days later, headaches and vomiting sidelined him from going on a mission trip he was scheduled to do.

“Like with other medical procedures, there can be side effects and adverse reactions,” Utah Department of Health spokesman Tom Hudachko told the Tribune. “In the vast majority of those cases the side effects are not very severe — soreness at the injection site, low fever, achiness. Occa

sionally, yes, there are more severe side effects from receiving the vaccine.

His death came after a month of entering a coma, when the grim prognosis of ever recovering cause his mother to choose to take him off of life support.

“Six neurologists worked to determine the teen’s affliction — but nothing worked. His brain swelled to the point that it crushed his brain stem…”


It leaves you with the question, what do I do?  There are more people who die from influenza every year, than there are people who die from flu shots.  So if death is the great concern, then you should get the flu shot.  BUT, if you realize that the number of flu deaths, not flu related deaths, is about 2,000 per year vs. the 80,000 per year that pulls in pneumonia into the stat giving a nice artificial boost, you will likely make the avoidance of death, a non-priority as it relates to flu.  Even with stories like both of these circulating the internet.

That being said, I would imagine a more appropriate goal would be long-term health.   “Is the decision I am contemplating today, a wise one for the long term benefit of my health?”  The scientist in me, says no.  The God trusting, creation based believer in me, also says no.  The conspiracy theorist, who has closely followed the CDC media on all fronts for the last 18 years, says no as well.

“Least common denominator” thinking is what I have labeled the US Public Health effort.  Look at the weakest among us, and plan for a method to help that person survive.  Which would then take all consideration of my immune system, of my nervous system… of my health, and throw it out the window.   Now let us assume that I am weak, and that I cannot fight, and that the flu will likely kill me, then we make public policy based off of that.  This is the problem with everything we have done historically…. including the development of an RDA to try to guide our nutritional intake.

If you want to thrive in life, you have to turn your back on this model.  You need to work to build your immune system.  I honestly believe that 75% of our current healthcare dilemma as it relates to allergies, auto-immune conditions, and illness; is due to the fear of germs, and the chemical invasion of our bodies through vaccines and chemicals.

We are a culture of fear, and that culture is creating a situation where we are worse and worse off, creating more fear, looking for more poor solutions, getting further away from avoiding chemicals, and building our bodies.  Parents, let your kids get dirty, and let them get around sick people, and let them develop an immune system.

Educate yourself on why adjuvants in vaccines could be the cause of all of your allergy issues ( ) and what we can do about this now… or is it too late?

We need to have some confidence that these bodies work better on their own, and that the REASON why vaccines appear to be effective, is because public health accounted for clean water, and that removing toxins from our water allowed us to overcome these infectious diseases ( ).

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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