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Flu Vaccine Banned

There has been recent concern over the CSL made flu-vaccine, which come from the Australian country into other nations around the world.  The vaccine has been found to cause febrile convulsions (seizures) in young children.  The US made recommendation’s that children under nine do not receive the flu vaccine, where the European community has made a ban of its use across the board for those under five.

The article linked above is short, and says little about the ban vs. recommendation… so I wonder… Why do we not just ban the whole thing?  One of the main considerations for why this flu vaccine might be so risky for young children, is that it combines the regular flu vaccine with the H1N1 flu vaccine.  This seems to be reason for a higher likelihood of an excessive immune response in children.

The concern that I have, is that other manufacturers have been hard at work since the CSL vaccine was released in April, to make their own combined flu vaccine.  According to news reports, and the CDC statements, we will be seeing MANY combined flu vaccines this coming season, which could really jeopardize the health of A LOT of children.

Of course we recommend that you completely stay away from these flu vaccines that are given without any concern of side effect, even though the article references a Brisbane toddler who died within hours of receiving the flu vaccine.  I want to stop for a second here… we often read about deaths in news articles, and on we go to the next sentence.  Imagine this was your child, your nephew, grand daughter; and you were totally unaware of any risk, and they died from a flu vaccine.  Possess that feeling for just a second.  Now you understand why this is horrible.  The risk of death from flu is so minimal, and you can make it less by building your immune system the right way. 

This flu season, join us and become a vocal opponent to the flu shot.  Don’t just abstain, tell the world why!

Dr. E

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