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Five Pillars

Maximized Living, the group that trained me for roughly a decade.  First as “Body By God”, then as “Teach the World about Chiropractic” and lastly, and currently, Maximized Living.  This group has largely become irrelevant to my practice, because I have been out on my own for the last five years.  BUT, this group has left a Lasting Impression, which might even give way to some extent to me Lasting Purpose.  My mission.

To change the way the world perceives health, while showing honor and glory to both God and my family.

The same Mission that I have carried with me for more than a decade as well.  A mission that is based upon the principle of health that comes from the Maximized Living camp.  And these are those pillars.

Fitness – which relates to the level of intensity of your workouts, as the ultimate goals of attaining fitness are to improve hormonal function specifically insulin responsiveness, growth hormone levels and testosterone levels… intensity.  In addition, we have a goal to drive as much oxygen into the body, and into capillary beds as possible.  Also, intensity.  Short duration, high intensity exercise.

Peace – possibly the most important of the five pillars, but I will count it as an equal, simply because these are pillars.  But consider this… every bit of stress that you feel, ultimately impacts the brain.  The one thing that controls everything.  The one thing that could cause a massive shutdown of almost every part of the body.  The brain is so important, and yet so fragile, simply because we live stressed out, over burdened lives.  It is important that we understand the significance of our choices, and how serious stress can be.  Find peace, find purpose.  If you don’t know where to start, consider this.  A small deposit into peace, will yield huge results, when met with many more small deposits of peace.

No Toxins – LOL.  Seriously, no toxins??  Of course that is impossible, but the key here, is to take it serious.  Watch the documentary “Unacceptable Levels”, and ask yourself.  “Did God make me ready to handle this mess?”  Or, if no God in your life… “could evolution allow my liver to go from nearly zero chemicals in our environment, to 60,000 in less than 70 years?”  The idea of reduced toxin living, is accepted by anybody with the ability to reason with their brain, outside of their desire to safeguard their profits.

Maximized Nutrition – you need to eat the right stuff.  If you don’t get the 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, then do what I do, and add Juice Plus on days when you miss.  Stay committed, this is not about how you feel, it is about how you function.  How you feel will slowly improve, or be safeguarded, by pursuing function.

You should be eating greens, and dark reds, and everything else you can find that fits the bill of high nutrient density.  If you have never looked at Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s site, Eat to Live then you need to check it out.  He is a vegetarian, which I do not believe in as the best option.  But it can be a really good option, and depending on how your gut has been messed up by culture, it might be a necessary option for a time.  What I do believe in, is his focus on nutrient density, and finding foods rich in nutrition, and finding them into your daily diet.

Lastly – the Fifth Pillar – your nervous system structure.  Do you know that Chiropractic was born from a deaf man hearing again.  One adjustment started the process to restore healing.  I am a chiropractor not because I hope that there is something special about the nervous system… but because I first learned that there is something special about the nervous system.  Your posture matters.  The position of your spine matters.  Why?  Because subtle issues in your spine, turn into big issues in your health.  Find the cause, get to it, and stay focused on maintaining a nervous system.

Every day, consider how to make each area slightly better.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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