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Finishing a Cleanse

So now you have done a three day Suero Cleanse, and you want to know how to finish it?  Just jump off and eat like crazy because you are starving?  Nope.  Actually, the cool thing is that you wont be starving!  You’ll be pretty comfortable with your new found level of calories, and you might just keep on going like my wife did.  Or you might do a half day with some food, and half without (me), or you might just want to start eating again, but you’ll want to know how.

The fun is in testing your body over time, in different ways.  I like to think that I really know my body now, after the last fifteen years being a pretty serious health pursuit.  I have fasted for three days a half dozen times, went to five days once, and have done a dozen detoxification cycles.  In addition, you throw in the different physical responses from different 2 minute workouts, 30 hour adventure races, and everything in between, and I think I have a pretty good grasp on how I work (disclaimer – nobody really has a good grasp on this, why is biological science so interesting every year, because we realize we knew so little the year before).

This time, I used some historical wisdom for coming off the cleanse, and knew not to go back into carbohydrate rich foods right from the start, so I had three eggs.  I ate one, then waited 35 minutes, then had two with some spinach.  Within ten minutes my head was gently throbbing, but that faded within about five more.  One of those interesting facts about introducing food, when it was absent.  You always get some fun blood sugar changes.

Later in the day, I had a coconut milk based smoothie with blueberries and some vanilla protein powder.  No problem after that, it all felt good.  So when I came into the office, I was feeling pretty good, had eaten very little for the day, so figured a Suero was a good choice.  I opened up a Suero Gold (tastes pretty bad to most people, but I don’t mind) and I sipped it down slowly from 3:45pm til about 6:30 when I finished it.  Went into my Doctor’s Report, and BOOM!  My brain was not working quite the way I needed it too.

I stumbled over words, missed whole chunks (remember, I have given this same talk nearly 840 times), it was a disaster. At one point, I thought I might need to sit down.  So… what happened?  What happened was simple, the Suero Cleanse is not a carbohydrate free cleanse.  Actually, just the opposite.  The only fuel in the Suero Cleanse, is carbohydrate or fat stores from your body.  So when I went to the “protein” ease in, my body began to miss the carbohydrate it was used to.

I got home from the doc report around 9:40pm, and had some soup from Christophe’s Kitchen, good stuff, so then I added some of their Chicken Salad to a plate full of spinach.  Even better.  A little more spinach as an after thought, and I was all good.  So now, once again, I feel digestion.  Which leads me to this, one of the most wonderful effects of any GOOD cleanse.  Feeling NO digestion.

Into the second day of the cleanse, I got to that sweet spot, no fatigue, no hunger, no nothing.  Especially, no digestion.  When all gas movement, grumbling, gurgling, or anything else, completely go away.  It is like a whole new world.  I have always loved that sweet spot (I get it in the advanced diet as well – come on Total Food Makeover!), and absolutely love it.  You feel about 50 pounds lighter, even though you might not have lost any weight.  It is just that cool!

So, I know a TON of you have been doing the cleanse, or are doing it, or are starting new.  My best advice is come off of the cleanse slow, but consider using a bottle of Suero or two, each day for a couple days, to ease yourself back to normal life… or if normal life was bad, ease into a new normal!

Thanks, be well, be Blessed, and enjoy this Labor Day weekend!!  Dr. E

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