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Facebook – Dairy Sensitive People can THRIVE on AMASAI!

This is a facebook message that I thought you would like to hear.  This is what I have been saying in my Daily Sprouts, but here very conversational.


Jeri Grove Kevin….just to be clear on something? If someone is very lactose sensitive while using conventional dairy they should be able to tolerate easily BYO Amasai and Suero…right? It’s the culturing process plus the different casein content? Like · · Follow Post · about an hour ago 2 people like this. Raul Hiteshew If i may answer that. Yes, BO Amasai and suero are loaded with probiotics and digestive enzymes! Pasteurized milk has all the enzymes stripped away, specially the fat free kind. My mom can smell cheese and get an upset stomach lol.. yet, she drinks a whole amasai and absolutely nothing happens.. well.. extreme happiness does occur.. ( amasai side effects).. u know about an hour ago · Like · 3 Jeri Grove Thanks guys..your probably all rock star Life students! Just trying to really get it here!haha about an hour ago · Like · 2 Jeri Grove Love that answer Raul…thanks! about an hour ago · Like Raul Hiteshew Haha just saying! anytime! about an hour ago · Like · 1 Paul Barnwell Just to second Raul, lactose based allergies and casein based allergies should be great. Whey allergies might cause an issue and is best to ask a doc before chugging a case of amasi and chasing it with suero :) about an hour ago via mobile · Like Jeri Grove Thanks Paul…good to know! about an hour ago via mobile · Like

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