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Everybody NEEDS our Hands

The hands of the #chirobrothers… everybody has a spine, everybody needs our hands.  Period.  The protection of a nervous system is such an important thing, and that protection is our responsibility.  The brain is the most incredible creation on this entire planet, it is awesome and it is not independent.  Though it can function just fabulously without a spinal cord… it cannot do anything for you without the spinal cord.


The number one thing that messes you up.  Not accidents, not manual labor… posture.  Sitting, standing, sleeping, under stress.  All of these are horrible for you.  So I say to you, POSTURE!!

God didn’t make you to need me, but your life has.  And in many cases, your life by the time you are 3 has made you incredibly desperate for what we do.  A MAN who thought they understood all of the nuances of a spine and the musculature that supports it, made a horribly bad mistake in grabbing your head and pulling you out of your mother… while TWISTING!!!  So at 1 second old, you started with a messed up spine.

Or if you were fortunate enough to be born without issue, did you start in a car seat?  How were you positioned most of the time?  When did computers and devices enter your life, what happened to your posture?  It has all damaged you or more so, your spine.  The thing that houses your nervous system, the very thing that singularly keeps you alive from instant to instant.

Quick… test that last statement.  Your heart stops… stuff goes bad 7 minutes later.  Why?  Because your brain (your nervous system) starts to die.  No oxygen in your lungs?  The concern is once again, when the nervous system begins to die.  How about if your spinal cord is cut across your brain stem?  Instant. The nervous system is above all else in the hierarchy… the window between the soul and the physical.

Am I sounding too freaky for you?  Test it, it all makes sense, every single time.


so that you can go out into the world and die.

We are here so that you can work better, you can heal better, you can function better, and you can go into the world and live.

So I ask you.  Why have you not told somebody else that their spine matters?  Give thanks for what you have been given.  Respect it.  And as a gesture towards better humanity and decreasing dysfunction in the world.  Tell somebody else.

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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