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Everybody is SICK?! Stop it now!

Adjust a misaligned atlas and see your white blood cell count elevate 10-15% in 15 minutes.  As any wise individual would say, you are better off preventing than trying to cure.  The same holds true for the flu, or a head cold… might as well get yourself on track now, why wait?  Seriously, there are a ton of people who are getting sick, or as we love to say, expressing health.

Expressing Health:  Every symptom is a gift of function, you have a symptom because you are responding to a stimulus.  In the world of “sick”, it is your response that gets you well.  You kill a virus by elevating temperature, increasing white blood cells, producing antibodies (which reside in mucous), and of course given the last item… producing mucous!

I find it funny whenever I review the list of useful symptoms how we love to treat two of them as our most common reason for treatment.  Two things that are actually helping you fight, that we love to stop.  Fevers and mucous.  Oh well, to us and our comfort… it is all about the comfort (and fear actually).

So back to this whole sick, and let’s stop it thing. Outside of having a great chiropractor adjust you… what else should you do to get yourself safe?

Juice Plus is the first.  Nutrient density is so huge for overall function, and immune function is right in line.  I have been “anti” multi-vitamin for years, as it simply does not have the micro-nutrients, phyto-nutrients, glyco-nutrients, and enzymes that you can find in real food.  Juice plus does.

Next is vitamin C.  My recommendation is no extra vitamin C for most of the year.  When walking precariously through a very high level of viral and bacterial contaminants, I believe it makes a ton of sense to elevate your vitamin C early, and at the first sign of illness… or health… increase that.  So you should be doubling your Juice Plus, as well as taking 5,000 mg of Vitamin C when everybody around you is expressing health, and that should go to 10,000 mg for 4-5 days if you start expressing health yourself.

Vitamin D has also been shown to be of huge value this time of year, and really, all year.  Once again, your levels for normal consumption should increase when you are exposed to a high level of viral and bacterial contaminants.  5,000 units per day minimum, up to 10,000 units (especially if you know that you are deficient).  If you start feeling the symptoms come on, ramp up to 30,000 units for a day or two, then pull back to 10,000 for 2-3 more.    This is really important, as Vitamin D modulates the immune system.

And lastly – Amasai or Suero Viv.  Probiotics are so important throughout the winter months, and the best way to get them in is to use a “living drink”.  Amasai has a ton of live probiotics, and Suero Viv is just behind.  Choosing between the two is a matter of taste, as well as dairy.  If you can handle dairy fine, use Amasai.  If not, then use suero… even though it is the cultures from whey, it is free of whey itself, as well as lactose.   I recommend you keep a daily consumption of these going, all winter long.

And with that, you will all be able to lay your hands on people who are coughing, feverish, expressing health in all ways all winter long (like we do), and not get sick… or express health. :)

We are blessed by experience that provides knowledge… knowledge that has been tested repeatedly.

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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