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European Commission Report Recommends Phasing Out Dental Amalgam

With the upcoming Suero Challenge (get ready we are going strong for the next six weeks, leading up to the Total Food Makeover which will start after the Fall Break), I decided that this Mercola article would make a great lead in Daily Sprout.  In addition, it will help you get a feeling for HOW important cleaning out the system is, but then how important it is to  live clean.

Over the years, we have given about six different detoxification workshops, and EVERY ONE of them has hit on the importance of cleaning out the mercury in your teeth.  So to see this article, makes me happy.  Phasing out is long overdue, but it has to start somewhere.

What does your mouth look like?

If you are like me, you got silver (amalgam) fillings growing up, and now they leech mercury into your system.  Don’t trust that, then be sure to go online if you are reading this on a sheet of paper in my office, and watch this video:

Smoking teeth, that is exactly what those are.  From Mercola’s Article :

It’s important to understand that the term “silver filling” is profoundly deceptive, as the composite material contains anywhere from 49 to 54 percent mercury, not silver. The American Dental Association (ADA) has historically covered up this fact, and at one time even declared that removing mercury fillings is unethical — despite the known fact that dental amalgam emits mercury vapor after it is implanted in your mouth, and this mercury is bioaccumulative and endangers your health in many ways.

Mercury is one of the most difficult substances to remove from the body, so our goal has always been to not put it in.  But once it is in, improving glutathione production really just makes sense.  We prefer Daily Detox as the method to accomplish this, and support using this product during the Suero Challenge.  Suero is primarily used to enhance the gut, by giving it an incredible boost or probiotics, while stimulating gut healing through minerals from cultured whey.  The challenge is to drink two Suero-Viv bottles per day for two weeks, and during this two weeks, to remove most of all other foods, except for some greens.  It might require more than two Suero’s per day, but it is a great step towards healing the gut.  Why?  Because it is the most common place to absorb toxins.

Sure the mouth is key in mercury problems, but it has been postulated that most of the mercury absorption from amalgam fillings, still is through the gut.  Look at the EU report from the Mercola article:

“The current levels of mercury pollution in the EU are such that all the EU population is exposed to mercury above the natural background level and certain population groups such as high-level fish consumers, women of childbearing age and children are subject to high risk levels, principally due to their high exposure and/or high vulnerability to mercury in the form of methylmercury, which is ingested through the diet…”

The diet.  The diet is the problem.  Clean.  Lets get there!  More to come on the Suero Challenge, but start looking at your best two weeks during the next six to get committed.  Be well, be BLESSED!  – Dr. E

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