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Emily… prayers please.

It was only a few weeks ago, when one of my patient families was sitting in the hot seats, and I thought “I’m glad they are here, it is always good to get this family adjusted”, and as the kids filtered through, their mother shared with me a tragic story that she was right in the middle of.

Her “away at school” daughter (Emily Sue), 20 years old, was in a major accident… this is from her daughter’s care page:

Emily is a student at SAIC in Chicago, IL. On Sunday, July 8th, She fell 30 feet and sustained major injuries. Her back is broken in two places, her pelvic bone is cracked, her leg, ankle and foot are broken. However, she is ALIVE and God has protected the gift He gave her – the ability to create art.

As she told me about the accident, she explained how she was the one to receive the call… “Are you sitting down?  Your daughter fell four stories and is now paralyzed.”  Fortunately, the paralysis was only temporary, as the swelling went down, function returned.  Talk about a fearful moment, what do you do with a call like that?  Act… pray.

Now she has been up and down, back and forth, but ultimately moving forward.  Not charging, like a tailback making his way through a hole in the line, but more like the efforts of a new flower, working to shed its petals and reach for the sun.  It is slow, and all who witness it wish it would just happen.  I am sure right now Emily’s family and herself share this common desire, to just get well.

Healing is a slow process, and often times we ignore the underlying thing that heals.  But put it in the right perspective… your brain, is sending some kind of message, how it is communicated, we really don’t know.  Chemicals in just the right frequency, or amplitude, or something; are sent down the spinal column to a receiving tissue.  That tissue somehow deciphers those signals to make a message, to activate DNA strands out of thousands, to formulate just the right proteins to tell each individual cell (of millions) to heal.

There is an intelligence in the cell, that just might eclipse what we think is possible. Consider this, your thoughts, those you are having right now… where are they coming from?  One cell?  Twenty, fifty million, fifty billion?  How do these cells work together to let you think fluidly?  Could you without one of those cells?  What if there were fifty million less?  Do you see the trap that we are in?  Too much intelligence within the cells, for us to understand what gives us intelligence.  Science continues to stay stumped by this.  Check out more of Emily Sue’s story below.

Wednesday,July 25, 2012

Posted 24 hours ago

Emily is recovering from her 3rd surgery. The Dr. said it went well-meaning he was able to accomplish his goals with regards to her foot. Screws were placed, bones were moved, cleaned out and a bone graft for her heel was done. She was given a nerve block to her left leg but that is wearing off. The pain was to be expected, but seeing your child in so much pain is simply heartbreaking. The nurses have been so kind & have tried to get her more relief as soon as a doctor would order it. After about an hour, she finally fell asleep- partly from sheer exhaustion & the assistance of increased pain medicine. Tim is staying with her tonight.

As I sat in the taxi back to the apartment, I was struck by the number of people out & about. I just thought, Lord, life goes on, doesn’t it? So many people, who knows what their story is? Are they hurting, happy, or something in between? How many of us walk through life pretending to be ok just for the sake of saving face? How many walk around without hope? How many people simply need to know about Christ? Life just goes on. It’s easy to forget when you spend most of the day in a hospital room. As Emily cried out in pain, we reminded her that this won’t last forever! There is an end to the pain! It’s true for you & me, too. The pain & heartbreak that this life gives us does not last forever! Through Christ we have hope for an eternity of glory with God.

As hard as it is to believe when you are in the middle of “it” – God doesn’t waste one tear, one heartbreak, one hurt … He will use it for His glory if we let him.

As hard as tonight was, it was a privilege to speak words of truth to Emily tonight; to remind her that’s she’s going to be ok, she will make it through this!

Please continue to lift her up and ask the Lord to help her manage The pain. I told the surgeon that Many were praying for not only Emily, but for him & his team as well. I’m not sure what he thought of that but I’m trusting that it was a seed planted.

We love you & love getting your messages…


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