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Eat right simple, and quick – Portobello Pizza’s

More Food For You!

Love hitting the videos lately, so we’ll be doing more and more of that. Makes it easy for you to see what is up! However, this one I kind of hovered close to my food as I was talking so you might have a difficult time with it. But the topic of today’s Daily Sprout needs to be fully investigated.

Many times people perceive special diets as difficult. That they take an incredible amount of effort and preparation. The reality is that the Advanced Plan is better simple. We eat in an incredibly simplistic manner around my house. Grass Fed beef, or organic free range chicken mixed with a nice serving of fresh vegetables. That is what we eat for almost every single dinner, and it is easy and VERY quick!

Lunch? Easier and quicker! For me, depending on the day, I will usually have a salad with either of the above meats, or with a bunch of pecans and Beyond Organic Raw Cheese (seen in the video as well).  If it is a day where I am at the office as well, then I add the Maximized Living Grass Fed Whey Protein (found in our office) to coconut milk, almond butter, and some kind of fruit depending on whether I am using chocolate or vanilla flavored whey.

Breakfast?  Smoothie, eggs cooked with that awesome cheese and spinach/bell peppers, or nothing.  You heard me, “the most important meal of the day”… nothing!  Yeah, so the value of breakfast is over-stated.  While you are in a “Leptin” healing mode, you probably need to be more focused on eating something for breakfast, but once you get it right, you will be pretty good at surviving without eating at any specific time, or with any specific time frame between.

The point, is that eating healthy is simple.  But what happens at the end of simple?  What happens at the place where desire meets difficulty?  Give me something strong in flavor, with some excitement, and real deep taste, then what?  Well, that is where failure happens… right when you want something that you cannot have, and you don’t know how to get it.  This is where lifestyle change turns into a lot of cheating with a little bit of right.  It happens in diets, of course we want your diet to be your lifestyle, and culture keeps yanking you back!

So one way to get the “hooks” out of you, is to find solutions to those desires.  The Portobello pizza brought to us via The Garage Paleo Supper Club, from Jamie Follmar.  This is a simple meal, the biggest problem that I have with meals like this, is planning the mushroom.  Everything else I keep on hand.  But to have portobello mushrooms around… not so common for me.  Definitely one consideration, when you are eating a simple and healthy lifestyle, and the desire for something awesome comes along, you might need to go shop!

In the Total Food Makeover, we will go on a couple shopping excursions.  The reason why we do this is primarily to give you knowledge of how to not be pulled in by the labeling on the front, and to always go to the labeling on the back.  But it is also to help you begin altering what you are buying for your pantry, and your veggie drawer and your freezer.  To build the stock of options for healthy foods by changing your purchasing habits.  If you fully understood the damage that is done to your body, and to the health of your kids, you would desire to fix this.

One way to do that, is to watch this movie.  I haven’t watched it myself yet, only heard of it today, but it was emailed to me and posted on my facebook timeline by two different people today.  So I am guessing it is good.  Check it out, I know it will intrigue you, simply by the title!

Be well and be blessed!  – Dr. E

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