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My favorite “holiday”.

Though it doesn’t carry that emotional feeling of warmth for me, like Christmas does… and it doesn’t give me something to look forward to like I do for the cookout/ family party plans of fourth of July.  I actually get slightly depressed leading up to Easter, and I get really excited at the same time.

My depression (which is pretty mild), is the sadness I feel over the pain that Christ suffered on the cross on that day, the day that I consider a savior was born.  But even if you don’t believe in Christ as the Messiah, you cannot deny the painful situation of a Man who taught love to everyone, Who was then crucified for that teaching.  I feel sad for the event, but overjoyed for the outcome.

And I et excited because I love sharing this message with you guys, with my daughters, and anyone else who will listen.  The message is that beyond Christ’s love for the world, is a call for us to love the world as He did.  The world being each other.  And I can’t tell you enough how that love will change your health.  I believe a great secret is revealed in the commandment to love one another as Christ has loved you (John 13:34-35), it is a secret to health.

Once again last night, I stood in front of a group of people in my office and presented the Doctor’s Report, and in that we spoke of stress, and the debilitating mess that it creates in your body.  And of all of the fantastic things that I could do with your spine, and that I could teach to you about your body and how it works, the greatest is to tell you that living as love, will change your life more than anything else!

I don’t have much influence outside of this office on the way you’ll behave.  Now some of you would tell me otherwise, and it is true that some of you do almost anything I ask you to.  You are motivated, looking for life change, and you press on to achieve that.  But many of you will not change your diet, or your exercise… you’ll consider doing traction once in awhile, but the real changes outside of our team getting your power flowing every time you step in our office, aren’t happening.  It is OK, I am just making a clear statement.

So if you are in that boat, I will ask this one thing of you, and only for this weekend.  Love the person who sits next to you at all times, in all things, no matter what.  Show respect and honor to Christ for His sacrifice, by following His commandment to love.  It doesn’t have to be much, but I bet if you are really intentional about it, even excessive love will come easy for you!  I truly love you, my patient, my reader, my staff, my associate… however you are quantified in your relationship to me.  Though I might not reach out and show it enough… when God reveals the blessings that we all have, and the possibilities that still exist, and the blight that we could have been in… I am thankful enough to want nothing more than to show reverence through obedience.

Happy Easter, be blessed!  Dr. E

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