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Dreams do come true

Purpose…… Purpose in life for anyone is more important than you may think. And for those out there that have lost faith and let the hope of a happy fulfilling life go… Just know it is still possible. Even those who struggle every day just to take care of themselves… It is still possible. Remember God is good but doesn’t always work with our timing. Those of you with friends or family that you feel have lost hope for making more of their life or or those you know feel they will never find a purpose…. Have hope and pray For them! It is never too late, it is never hopeless, and if you love and care for this person… Pray for them, encourage them, support them. If you don’t who will?

Laura, Fred and sister Cheryl celebrating!

I just recently was a part of a special event that I thought would never happen . My brother got married (the brother I thought would never get married, not that he shouldn’t, couldn’t or didn’t want to… it was just that he was not on a path leading in that direction)! It was amazing! I have prayed for this day for many years, knowing that he wanted it, but felt like it would never be true. I just wanted him to find happiness in his life, and from there a greater purpose.

Well, the day came when his now wife came into his life and … he changed! He changed for the better and life seemed to take on a new meaning. His life was now NOT just doing more for himself but for doing more and being a better version of himself for her.  He had given himself to community enrichment endeavors, but he didn’t see himself fulfilling another person.  That is love… Wanting to be a better version of yourself and having purpose in your life beyond what you want for yourself, but first for someone else. For me now, the bible helps direct me on how to become a better version of myself.  But I caution all of you not to give up on those you think it is not possible to change!  As I heard my mom whisper today after the wedding… God is good.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

Had it not been girlfriend, turned fiancé,turned wife, that changed my brothers life, it could have been the desperate need of an orphan in Africa or perhaps even a friend dying of cancer. Purpose comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but one thing is the same regardless … You need to be open to receive it.

As our family sits in support of my husbands mission, we are reminded daily that dreams do come true. Sometimes in small easily ignored ways (but important just the same), and sometimes in amazing, huge life changing ways!  We have to stand up and speak out for what we believe in… our purpose and mission depend on it.  We are grateful for your support of ours!  God IS good!

In Christ, Laura Richards

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