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Dr. Mercola on The American Cancer Society

In an article entitled, American Cancer Society – More Interested In Wealth than Health, Dr. Mercola states this:

The 130-page document linked below explains in detail why the American Cancer Society may be far more interested in accumulating cash than curing any disease.  The ACS has close ties to the mammography industry, the cancer drug industry, and the pesticide industry.  It is riddled with conflict of interest.

And in fact, according to the report, the ACS has a reckless, if not criminal record on cancer prevention. Over and over again, they have promoted drugs and screening while ignoring environmental causes.

The report states, in part:

“The ACS … [has] long continued to devote virtually exclusive priority to research on diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with indifference to prevention, other than faulty personal lifestyle, commonly known as ‘blame the victim,’ … Not surprisingly, the incidence of cancer over past decades has escalated”.

In order to view the report, you will need to link from our web-site to Dr. Mercola’s, then to the report.  It is interesting.  And it is very spot on.  Even if there were no “conspiratorial” links between ACS and mammograms, cancer drugs, etc; the fact that there has been a plethora of recent research bringing environmental factors into the equation at approximately 95% of the cause behind cancer, leaving a paltry 5% for genetic reasons.  The ACS should be stripped of their unearned position as “cancer experts”.

The obvious problem is that MD’s learn what MD’s learn.  And unless they are really driven by purpose outside of their industry, they are typically blinded to the reality that surrounds them.

This is the reason why we respond the way we do when you ask us to support a run for this, or a walk for that.  The ACS is like so many other large “disease researching” organizations, in that they have lost an eye for real answers, and they continue to charge down the same path, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockes of already rich pharmaceutical companies, chasing treatment strategies, and not unearthing reality about prevention.  I look at the health of my children, and I think “If I can only help them to stay this course, so that they will in turn have healthier children then themselves, and in turn have healthier children”.  I don’t know if God’s plan is to allow three more generations, but under the assumption that His plan is to let this thing roll for a bit, I am going to pursue health for them, so that my kids grandkids can be in the best possible place to be cancer free.

Be well, God Bless! Dr. E

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