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Dr. Josh Axe on Wednesday!

This was a last minute addition to our schedule, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!  Dr. Axe has been a leader in healthcare education for several years, with his passion for eating and living right, following the model, then teaching… he has produced thousands of blog posts, videos and one pinnacle cook book that has helped thousands!

Now, a leader in the Beyond Organic movement along with Jordan Rubin, Dr. Axe is traveling more and more as the demand for his education has grown.  We are fortunate to have him here, even if it is a Wednesday morning that many of you would say is “just not good”.  My response, make it good.

It is not everyday that you will get a chance to hear Dr. Axe speak, just like later in the month when Jordan Rubin is here, this is a privilege.  When you take the time to let yourself be open to hearing individuals that not only educate, but lead others into health, you go places.  Further and faster.  I lead you, Dr. Levi leads you… I know we inspire many of you, but trust me.  When you get a new, clear perspective, it all goes better.

So, the workshop will be approximately 40 minutes, and the topic will be “Organic Cleanse – Boosting Weight Loss and Energy”.  It is free, and it starts at 11AM.  SO THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT:

all adjusting will stop at 11AM.  You need to be here before 11AM on this Wednesday if you want to be adjusted (I am guessing 20 of you will come at 10:55, and only a couple of you will actually get adjusted, so don’t wait until then).  The good news, if you come to get adjusted because you forgot about this notification, you will get an awesome workshop instead!  And you probably need that more right now.

Dr. Axe is well known for his workshops and print education.  And like me, he believes that you need to have a black and white line against certain foods, and a strong motivation to choose wisely all the time.  Do you want to get a good understanding of these guidelines?  Start now on Wednesday, and then sign up for our Total Food Makeover, which launches as a 40 Day challenge starting on Monday night, September 24th at 6:45pm.

So don’t delay, sign up now for this Wednesday.  Send an email or stop at the front desk, and we’ll get you on the list today!

Hey, be blessed! – Dr. E

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