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Don’t Let Football Control your Mood!

18 years (17 in some methods of counting) ago the Buffalo Bills were in the playoffs.  That was a long time ago, a long drought, and it ended yesterday as they made their first appearance to the NFL playoffs since that January day so many years ago.  You want to know what was crazy about that last appearance?  It became well known as the “Music City Miracle”.  Yep.  The Buffalo Bills Drought ended with the Tennessee Titans scoring on a play so bizarre, it lives forever in Google and Wiki land now.

You really should watch this clip now, as it is worth it.  Absolutely crazy!

The long lateral pass was under a long review, as it appeared to be a forward pass.  But there was not enough inconclusive evidence to overturn this call, thus crushing the hopes of Buffalo fans, and starting an 18 year drought.  Wow.  Many people in this snowy, quiet, all we really care about are our sports teams town have been holding their breath ever since.  Which is not what I want for you.

Now don’t get me wrong.  The Buffalo fans are awesome and amazing in the way they support their team through anything.  The stands have never emptied, and the team has really never produced in these last nearly two decades… so fathom that kind of loyalty… in a town where sports teams can go on to nearly win the World Series one year… and have empty seats in every game a year later, I think the Buffalo fans are unfathomable.

However… loyalty and happiness are two different things.  I have witnessed people stay in a depressed funk throughout the football season due to the poor performance of their favorite red, white and blue.  And this just shouldn’t happen.

Do you recall last year?  The superbowl gave us a taste of what the Buffalonians know all too well after four years in a row of superbowl losses.  Of course you recall it… even though the wisest among us have been trying to suppress it.  It is tough to cheer on a team, and have them perform very well, up until the point that they don’t.  Because… that point will always come.  If not this season, then the next.  There is always a point at which your prior expectations are no longer met.

So what you do at that point is everything.

You see, your life should not be dependent on the performance of other people.  And that is at all levels.  In your closest relationships (think spouse here), your life, your happiness is not dependent on the person next to you.  It is dependent on you.  I don’t mean to say that you are so independent that your lives are not intertwined and intermingled endlessly.  But ultimately, you get to be the harbor… and when the harbor rises, all boats in the harbor rise with it.

So as we move into our National Championship game tonight… and into the continuation of our Falcons season “Rise Up”… I would advise you to lay your emotions down, cheer, but think about the game from the perspective of every fan out there.  Not the one guy at work who you cannot stand who happens to be a Roll Tide guy… but think about the person who you most admire in the world.  I guarantee there is somebody just like him/her, who is cheering for the opposite team.  A person who would love to see their team win, and at the same time, a person who if you got to know, you would absolutely cherish this person for who they are.

I bet thoughts like that might help you to accept any outcome with a favorable attitude.  Sure… it might seem like you are being a sissy compared to your former angry self… but sometimes a sissy is exactly what God wants to see.   And with that… go Dawgs!!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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