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Do Pesticides cause Parkinson’s?

There is a great new article titled, US Study Links Pesticides to Parkinson’s.  Before reading it, I thought, “Of course they cause Parkinson’s”, and as I read the article, I thought “there needs to be more meat here”!

So here I am, providing the meat for the argument against pesticides, and for organic farming and agriculture, so that we can all try to avoid another stupid man made disease! 

In my toxic body presentation I discuss the presence of Arsenic in many pesticides and Uranium in some fertilizers.  Uranium, as you can imagine, is not something you want to get close to, but it is useful in production; it is used in phosphate based fertilizer production, and can be leeched into the fertilizers.  Arsenic is commonly used because it is an effective poison at limiting energy production, which is why it is so great.  It literally causes organs to simply shut down because they can no longer produce energy!

So reading the article on Mercola’s web-site, it refers to Rotenone inhibiting energy production in the cells, which comes from the arsenic based pesticide.  This pesticide and another were both found to increase the likelihood of Parkinson’s because of inhibiting the ability of the brain to produce energy.  So in conclusion, we can expand the concern of increased chances of Parkinson’s to ingesting all forms of arsenic.

I have often spoke of why my children have never been to McDonald’s, and why they don’t get chicken tenders from anywhere (Kroger, Tyson, Publix, etc, etc)… because all of those sources of chicken (Chick-fil-A included) have been found to have arsenic.  The reason why the chicken has arsenic, is because the feed (pesticide treated feed) has arsenic. 

It isn’t good enough to eat fruits and vegetables that are clean (and be sure to follow the guidelines here ), but you need to consider the impact of any pesticide treated food.  Meats can be especially dangerous because of the toxic process of bio-accumulation.  If a plant is treated, and an insect eats from that plant, the insect will be heavily toxified if not killed, if a bird (chicken) eats those toxic insects, then that bird will become even more toxic.  So any surviving pests, become a great source for increaed bio-accumulation in other food sources.

So back to Parkinson’s.  In Parkinson’s, the substantia-nigra of the brain is degenerated, leading to movement patterns that break down, as well as other symptoms that relate to ones reward and addiction complexes.  It is a unique condition in that secondary symptoms beyond movemenet are very difficult to quantify across broad patient populations.  The substantia nigra has cells that bind very readily to toxic metals, aluminum, mercury and arsenic are the leading metals in this group.  As such, your exposure to anything that has these three metals, increases your risk of Parkinson’s.  Aluminum from cookware, tin cans, anti-perspirants… Mercury from medications, vaccines, and personal care products like make-up… and Arsenic in about every non-organic food you ingest.

I hope you can use this to change your life!  Dr. E

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