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DNA – reason to perform surgery without signs or symptoms?

I recently read on ABC News about Sharon Osborne (Ozzy’s wife) having a double mastectomy because she had the “gene” for breast cancer, and had colon cancer once already.  And all I could think was “what a perfect business”.  Seriously, I can show you a gene, have you so scared that you are going to die because of it, that all you want to do is have your body parts cut off… and I am the guy with a knife.  That is a pretty amazing business model.

This is pretty sad.  Especially when the dichotomy is so strong between the cultural, doctoring pressure to get genetic tested then do something about, vs. the medical literature research that keeps coming out saying that it is all based on lifestyle.  I wonder if Sharon would be upset if she now turned around and read a research article describing how the breast cell very specifically has a set of criteria that it passes through on the path to mutation?

Sure, its possible with her lifestyle (past and present) that she might have been even more likely to have that criteria met.  But I wonder, is it really worth cutting off your body, discarding your tissue, because of fear?  One of those criteria, is that there is always a higher presence of estrogen in women who pass through that path to breast cancer.  It is an estrogen specific cancer.  One of the reasons why we are so against soy bean (other than fermented soy like miso or tempe), is because soy beans are loaded with phyto-estrogen and goitrogens.

Other environmental factors that destroy normal tissue function in the breast relate to outside in exposures directly on the skin.  For example, chlorine has been directly tied to increases in breast cancer, and was a front page USA Today article back in 2002.  Parabens, found in most skin lotions and sunscreens have also been linked to cancer of the skin and breast.  One reason why I so strongly suggest you try the lotion and anti-aging kit from Beyond Organic… a safeguard.

Most of you have heard me say, I like to apply the lens of God through all of my decisions.  So apply it here.  Is this really where God is taking us?  To a place where we are to cut our body parts of in order to be safeguarded?  Does that sound like we are leaning into His support and trust of Him?  Not so much.  You know, you have a phenotype expression of all genetics.  It means that you have bad genes and good genes, but you express the health the of those based upon your decisions, your lifestyle.  The genetic thing is so over done, and it really is all about money.

I pray you will take all of your decisions seriously still, but also that you wouldn’t be under the oppression of genetic marker.  Enjoy Thanksgiving, Be Blessed!  – Dr. E

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