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Detoxification Time!

I am just back from the beach. The beach is one of my absolute favorite vacations, as I love it, my wife loves it, and so do both of my daughters.  We simply have a great time there!  And though, I do a pretty good job of keeping it all under control when it comes to my lifestyle, I surely do not keep it as tight as I do here!

So after ice cream, fudge, dinners out at restaurants that do not swear by their clean ingredients, and slipping into some caffeine… it is time to clean it up!  Tonight I will be providing a free workshop as part of our Toxic Body education.  It is open to everyone, though the ultimate value will be for those of you who did a hair analysis, I guarantee it will have life implication for everyone of you who chooses to come to this workshop.  So I recommend it, across the board (7PM tonight at our office).

When I discuss toxicity, I realize that we often feel like there is no point in discussing it… “of course I am toxic, aren’t we all toxic… yeah, so what, what does toxicity have to do with anything” or “I can’t do anything about it anyways”, these are all common responses.  The problem is, that if you don’t do something, you are on a fast track to cancer.

I have many cancer patients, and have had that many more over the years.  The simple answer is that 80% of them can trace a history of a toxic lifestyle.  And when we push, we can usually find some very specific “extra” toxic load concerns that might have been work related, home related, hobby related, or some other environmental factor.

Currently, we have seen recent medical literature that suggests that 95% of cancer causing agents are environmental, with only 5% internal/genetic.  That means that you have almost a certainty of control potential with regards to cancer, IF you are pursuing the appropriate lifestyle.

A couple key things to think about, and a reason why I offer a workshop like this and call it necessary.

  1. radiation from batteries (especially ones with cadmium) is deadly to the body over time

  2. arsenic is in most commercial chicken and beef, anything eating (non-organic) grain based feed

  3. aluminum has been associated with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

  4. even stainless steel cookware has the potential to release toxins into your system

  5. plastics with BPA, can be detected in a hair sample, and these plastics are often found in toy production, as well as lead is still used in the paint applied to plastic toys coming from China (test kits are advisable, especially with infants)

  6. there are an endless number of toxins coming out in new products all the time, you need to stay active in pursuing your education

So if I don’t see you tonight, please sign up now for our next workshop, and we will remind you when the time comes, otherwise, continue to self educate beyond this Sprout!  God Bless!

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