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Detoxification Challenge! Join us to gain greater health!

I recommend everyone do at least TWO solid months of detox per year, but I would prefer the pursuit of a lifestyle that promotes detoxification.  This month is all about detox, from the awesome Detox night we had Monday at Towne View Baptist along with Exodus Healthcare.  And now heading into our Hair Analysis, and BIA anlysis… we will have many of you learn A LOT about your needs to be clean, and where those needs are greatest.

So what do you need to know about the Challenge?  First off, if you are doing this right, you will get some great advantage over 30 days, without having to kill yourself with your diet.  If you do it great, you will get incredible results with a bit of a commitment on your diet!  There are two components.

1. The Suero-Viv Challenge.  Suero Viv has been a regular part of my diet for the last three months, and I have been blown away by it.  I regularly was drinking coconut water, as I believe hydration is a difficult place to get to when working hard all day, and working out really hard.  So you have to understand that I was VERY skeptical of Beyond Organic products at first.  Especially given the price of beef relative to the price that I get amazing beef through Indian Creek Angus (we are ordering soon so if you want more, let us know now).

Point is, I expected little, and was amazed by the results.  Where I never actually felt the hydration effect of any drink, I could actually feel hydrated after drinking a Suero-viv.  Even though it is really quite comparable to Coconut Water, it just had that extra boost.  I have come to realize, it is the cultured Whey.  Something about a cultured whey protein simply drives hydration.  And though I cannot say with certainty that it is the detoxifying effect of the whey, I believe strongly that it is.

Probiotic rich foods are detoxifiers all on their own, but when it is a cultured protein (vs. carb component like so many naturally occuring probiotic foods), they go to a new level of detoxifying.  It is due to the fact that it is cultured protein vs. carbohydrate/sugar.  So the Suero-challenge is a hydration/detox challenge.  Here is the Hydration 101 workshop on detoxification:

  1. Toxins cause fluid to be retained in the toxic areas, which are around the cells, retention of this fluid increases the peripheral resistance around your blood vessels, thus increasing blood pressure.  The problem is likely that you are toxic.  Hydration allows the water into the cell, to drive normal function.  You need hydration that detoxifies you.  Everyone should move into using Suero viv.


The Suero Challenge is simply to drink 1-2 Suero Viv’s per day over the course of 30 days.  Liquid fast over one meal period everyday, using the Suero as your meal.  Skipping any meal is satisfactory, it doesn’t matter.

You need to order your Suero Online here: SUERO-VIV.   Buy three cases to start, and then get cracking!  If you went to the detox workshop, bring your sheet into the office, it is a better deal, and we can work your package perfectly for you.

Coconut Water is good for hydration, but not for DETOX.

2.  Daily Detox.  We have been using Daily Detox as the number one, gentle on your system, awesome at removing neuro-toxic metals and other toxins, daily detoxifying supplement.  I use this product, my wife uses this product, I have used it with my kids.  It is gentle and everyone can utilize it as a way to clean out the nervous system.

Because of its Glutathione precursors (glutathione is the most powerful and prevalent detoxifying agent in your body), it helps every cell build more glutathione, and eevntually builds your ability to clear out cancer causing agents.  Twice a year minimum for one month.  That is my best recommendation.  In addition, the activated carbon/charcoal, is awesome at binding toxins in the large intestine, and porting them out.  This prevents re-tox.

So the whole 30 Day Plan looks like this if you do it all:

  1. One or two bottles of Suero-viv daily as a replacement for one meal.  Consume nothing but liquids from the prior meal, to the next meal (could be from lunch to breakfast the following day if you choose).

  2. 12-24 hour liquid fast each week.  This is in addition to the 4-6 hour fast that you should be doing each day.

  3. 8 glasses of water everyday, with fresh squeezed lemon (this is to alkalize the body, aiding in detox).

  4. Juice Plus – which can be opened and dumped into a liquid.  This is for the power of the greens, which are more potent than any green powder on the market.  For those who have a surplus of juice plus from missing days, this is a good time to use it up, by double dosing daily for a period of time.

  5. Daily Detox

This is the detox in its entirety.  The diet is not the KEY for this one, as you will get detox no matter what.  However, it is obvious if you eat garbage, you might not ever get anything truly out of your system.  Secondly, if you have weight loss resistance, you need the healing diet/advanced plan for this one.  But you can achieve great results without it.  Ask away, but don’t turn your head to this.  We need to get 100 people doing this for sure.  Sign up in the office, so I can communicate with you via email, and keep you on track!

There is no cost to be on the email list, that is just so I can help you.  If you are not a patient, comment to this post and we will get in touch with you!  Be well, Be CLEAN – Dr. E

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