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Detox – Just another Buzz Word?

In the last few years the word Detox has been popping up all over the place.  It is truly a buzz word of the current culture’s desire to try to rectify the problems we have created of toxin rich living.    Sadly, most people don’t have an understanding of what it takes to detoxify.

In most cases, it is just a buzz word, as products are created that are designed to increase the amount of colon movement (if you are sitting on the toilet, you must be getting clean), and others are designed to keep you sweating or feeling like you are  burning up your toxic load.  Though there are benefits to increasing metabolic rate, and obvious benefits to increased colon function, this is not the true focus of detoxification.

BUT, before I get any further into detox, I want to drive home a point about clean living.  That is one of the first keys, if detox is going to have a significant effect on your life, you need to first start cleaning up your living.  If the goal is simply to make up for poor living with detoxification, well… it is better than never detoxifying, but it isn’t building a healthier life.  Detoxification, if done right, builds a much healthier body, and life.

This month is Detox Month at HealthSprout!  We have the Monday March 19th workshop at Town View Baptist Church along side of Exodus Healthcare and Dr. David Jockers.  This is our detoxify your Home and Body Workshop, and will be serving detoxifying shakes and de-inflamming lemonade.

Following that workshop, we will be accepting the Toxic Body hair analysis tests for the remainder of the month, and will be reviewing those results with you.  I will be posting a webinar as well as hosting a workshop at the end of the month to go over those results.  And lastly – we will be introducing the Suero-viv detoxification challenge.  This will give you the chance to get a huge boost in your detoxification potential as well as improve overall energy. (for those reading this in office, these are active links you can follow from our web site)

So all month we will be promoting the idea of clean living.  Look for Daily Sprout’s that focus on making clean living choices.

OK, now we can get back to where I left off above.  Detoxification is about getting yourself clean from the cellular level out.  It is about giving yourself an opportunity to reduce toxins in the extra-cellular space, and to strip toxins from the nervous system (these are usually toxic metals).  The ability to accomplish these tasks are based primarily on the presence and strength of your detoxifying enzymes in your liver.  Keep them high through your diet, and supporting creation of these enzymes through appropriate supplementation.

BUT – at times, you should step it up beyond your diet and go after a hard core detox!  I hope you’ll join us a week from Monday to get the best detox education we can offer!  Thanks, and be blessed! – Dr. E

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