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Teaching the Detox I class tonight for the 60 Day People.  As I prepped the slides for the new class, new environment, updated material, I thought about this one question.

“How much is enough?”

The question meaning… how much is enough detox?  How much is enough clean for your cells?  How much commitment to a clean life is enough?

I don’t do enough, but I do enough to change my odds.

You don’t do enough, but I hope you do enough to change your odds.

All health begins with philosophy.  You need to get this and get this good.  Philosophy is the start of all health, just like it is the start of all belief.  There is a God, there isn’t a God, it matters if I buy a house… it doesn’t matter… I will go on vacation.  I will have kids.  All of it, everything starts with a philosophy.

Let me help you with your health.

Do you believe you were created?  If not, then evolved.  What does that mean to you?  Were you made in the image of God?  If so, what does that mean?  Is there healing potential in you?  If so, how much?  Do certain medications work against you then… do you really believe that your body heals?  If it does, then why does it make a symptom in the first place?  If your head starts producing mucous, and that mucous is full of antibodies (immunoglobulin A – IgA), doesn’t it make sense that you will be healthier if you keep the mucous coming?

See the path of this random fly in all directions discussion is to get your to first guess at what your philosophy for health is.  And from there, to go deeper into the choices you are making.  So if you believe that there are too many chemicals in the world, according to unacceptable levels, that number in our country, was (in 2013), 80,000 chemicals in our commerce system; then you should think that your body is incapable of handling that chemical load.    That a liver couldn’t have been created for this, or adapt to this in such short time.  Your body is toxic.

This puts a HUGE target on the goal of fixing clean.

If you are sacrificing your future health potential for the cultural life, it isn’t worth it.  I am not saying you cannot have the cultural life, but you cannot have it every single day without doing something positive in response.  You need to consider that the body you occupy isn’t really your own, but a gift from God, to be managed and cared for through his lens.  I would argue that his lens is a world created in perfection, which then fell from perfect, and since has been damaged to an insane level… thank you very much human race.

So with that, the next step for you.  Ask about our BIA… it is a ridiculous value at $30, and you can get so much information.  From there, we guide you on a Cleanse via Suero Viv, or possibly other avenues.  So… make strides to get it done, you will never be more thankful for the knowledge that comes from it.

Be well and be blessed!  Dr. E

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