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Dark Chocolate: Reduces Stress and Inflammation; Improves Memory, Immunity, and Mood

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LOMA LINDA, CA — April 24, 2018 —New research shows there might be health benefits to eating certain types of dark chocolate. Findings from two studies being presented today at the Experimental Biology 2018 annual meeting in San Diego show that consuming dark chocolate that has a high concentration of cacao (minimally 70% cacao, 30% organic cane sugar) has positive effects on stress levels, inflammation, mood, memory and immunity. While it is well known that cacao is a major source of flavonoids, this is the first time the effect has been studied in human subjects to determine how it can support cognitive, endocrine and cardiovascular health.

These studies show us that the higher the concentration of cacao, the more positive the impact on cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects.”

The flavonoids found in cacao are extremely potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, with known mechanisms beneficial for brain and cardiovascular health.

Good news for Chocolate lovers. I’m sure you’ve already heard that dark chocolate is better for you, or even good for you. But it is always nice to have more support or evidence of such claims, especially when they can be a tasty treat. It’s important to note that the chocolate used in the above mentioned studies was at least 70% cacao so if you plan on shopping for the healthy treat make sure you look for the actual percentage and not simply the words “dark chocolate.” But even better, go for the no sugar chocolate, such as the Lilly’s bars shown above. Some of these are Straight 60 approved treats. While this can be good for you, it’s still important to keep it a treat, a little here and there. Enjoy!

-Dr. Mark

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